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Crayon the prophet

Crayon has already built quite a following for Essencia. Below are some of his more important followers.


Larze & Alison Ackler

Lars & Allison are the first married couple into the Priesthood of Esscencia. Lars is the head of the Scant Church; whereas, Allison is the second in command of the Priesthood of Esscencia. This couple are very dear to Crayon. Allison was the first convert to Esscencia. Lars risked his live to safe Crayon and the other Barons when they travelled to the Jamm plane.

Lars was born and grew up in Grewhawk. Orphaned at a young age, he never knew his parents or his last name. He survived by using his wits and bravery. Pressed ganged at a 12, his ship ran aground on the coast of Onnwall. He managed to escape and lived in Onnwall ever since. When he married Allison he took her family name.

Allison grew up on Pogrom, and with her father ran the resistance against the South Provence. For years she wore the Amulet of ???, not knowing it shielded her from Grimlon’s scrying eyes. She passed the Amulet on to Crayon when he showed her the glory of Esscencia. Lars and Allison have a daughter together called ??.


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