Holy cow ... Sue and I are going to have a baby!

We're calling it "Finch" while it's in the womb because we're birdos, and Finch sounds kinda small.

This is the beginnings of the photo album for Finch. Not as good as Sue's Flickr site, but hey, she hasn't finished making Finch yet either!

Ultrasound Pictures

Finch at 19 weeks + 2 days

Finch is a boy!

In the latest pictures taken on 30 March 2006 (below) Finch was much more cooperative. He was moving around and waving his arms and legs. We even saw him drinking!

Sue's mum came along for her first view of an ultrasound and seemed impressed (Sue and Andrew definitely were).

(Hover your mouse over the pictures to find the hidden Finch)

This is the best picture of our little boy in the conventional pose.

OK, so Finch is already being influenced by those Americans, here he is in his halloween pose...wow, you can even see his little eye in that socket...

The last photo from this visit shows Finch in the Thinker pose, we're just not sure if he's thinking about weeing or going boogy boarding

Finch at 11 weeks + 4 days

In the pictures of Finch taken on 3 February 2006 (below) you can just see Finch's spinal cord. Down the right hand side are the leg bones. You can also see some other stuff that makes me feel woozy thinking about it.

Hover your mouse over the pictures to find the hidden Finch.

he's got less sloshing room now...

In the picture below Finch is more side-on, so you can see a more human shape (just before this picture Finch woke up and did a little wriggle-jig for us).

Finch at 10 weeks + 1 day

OK, so we had our dates wrong and ended up going in a week early - just like what happened in our favorite book "Up the Duff". We still got to see Finch though, so all was good. The very first picture of Finch is below, it will make a nice embarrassing photo at the 21st birthday party...

whoa, that's our baby in there!

Last updated: 5 March 2006