Modue 1: The Tradegy at the Star Pearl Temple

Game summary for 8 September 2007 at Ivan's place.

Document version 1.2, dated ?? 2008

The story so far:-

Four sea elven young women, of different backgrounds, are chosen to join other sea elves for the chance to be initiates at the Temple of the Star Pearl. It is a very prestigious honour.  The four young women consist of Mystery, Harmony and the twins Coral and Kelp Brightfrond.

The Brightfronds

The Brightfronds are an old Aquatic Elf royal house. During the time of the Old Sea Elf Empire, the Brightfronds were a rich and influential house. Since the Old Empire, the house has lost its sparkle. It is still given polite respect amongst the old noble houses, but it has no political or merchant clout.

Prospects for the house started to look better, when the Lord Brightfrond’s twin daughters (Coral & Kelp) were accepted into the Star Peart Temple as possible initiates. Coral had shown signs of psionic ability but not Kelp. Their family hoped that through study at the Star Temple, Kelp may discover she has latent psionic talent.

This is a high and influential honour. The Star Pearl Temple is the lost remnants of the Old Empire. It is the one place that all sea elves have in common. Members of the Star Pearl temple are respected by all sea elves. The Sea Princes/Princesses are chosen from the initiates. However, few are chosen as initiates and there has not been a sea prince/princess for the last ten years. Lord Brightfrond highest hope is that his daughters will become initiates. Initiates are often offered positions of powers in important trading houses or Sea Elf Territorial Council. Lord Brightfrond hopes that his daughters can return their house to its former glory.



Not much is known about Mystery. She was an Acolyte at one of the Temples of Cortrelian Lorrethian. It was the Abbott  of her temple that sponsered her to the Start Pearl Temple. He sees great potential and danger ahead for her.


Harmony’s family is known as “new money”.  Once a poor family,they made their living as pilots through a treachrous piece of strait. Gold was found in several of the isands in thestrait and a gold rush made their knowledge highly sorted.

They have become quite rich, and with money comes power; however, they have no titles or prestige. Harmony’s family also hope that Harmony’s acceptance into the Star Pearl Temple will lead to their family gaining honour and prestige.


Inititates of the Star Pearle Temple.

Date: 10th day of “Spawning” (Early Spring)

All four characters travel to the Ballast, a sea elven city closest to the temple. The Brightfrond travel unaccompanied and in a manner beneath their station in society; however, they cannot afford any other way.  Mystery travels by comfortable but simple means, while Harmony is able to travel in true style.

Ballast is a simple city but it has grown rich from the money pilgrims brings to the area. There are hundreds of other families there as well. All hopeful to be picked as an inititates. All four characters wait in Ballast for the pilgrimage to the temple. The characters all are lodged at the same place. They start to talk and decide to travel to the temple together ( all four girls have been getting some interesting looks).

After a two day wait, all the pilgrims make their way to the temple. It is a two day swim to the temple. The pilgrims are accompanied by several temple guards.

Finally, the pilgrims reach the cavern that leads to the Star Temple. The constant hum of excitement from the pilgrims dies down as the pilgrims approach the temple gates. Surrounding the temple gates are thick deadly Giant Urchin tentacles. This huge sea creatures guard the way to the gates and the pilgrims are instructed to follow the guard and not to swim off unless “they seek certain death”.

As the pilgrims approach, the gates open to reveal a shimmering membrane of force. As the pilgrims swim through it, they find that they are entering an air atmosphere. The huge entrance hall of temple is beyond spectacular. It is opulent, beyond measure. The tiles are white pearl inlaid with gold and there is green jade on the star banners. Around the walls, under the enormous stairs are many artworks. Over the centuries, many families have donated art and money to the temple over the years to try and gain favour for their children trying to be initiates. What once had been the highest spiritual place for gifted sea elves had become an expensive finishing schools for spoilt brats. In the centre of the room, hanging in mid air, is a rotating glowing giant pearl. It looks like it has been fractured and put back together. There is one large piece missing.

The hall, though it is huge, is crowded and abuzz with noise. The four characters wander around the room looking at the displays. The characters come across a picture of four elves and wonder who they are.



One of the guards on duty wonders offer and starts a conversation. His name is Guest Star but you decide to call him Wassami. Guest Star tells the group that the four elves shown are the original Sea Princes and Sea Princesses.  They are: Fairwind of the Waves; Parsec the Traveller; Marasotte, Keeper of Secrets; and Arlotte the Traitor. As he says Arlotte’s name he spits on the floor. You think this may have been a coincidence but you soon realise that he does this every time.

One of the twins asks why Arlotte is known as the traitor. Thinking this is the custom, she spits as well when she says Arlotte’s name.

Guest Star says that when the Star Pearl first fell from the sky it belonged to the land dwellers and the water dwellers. The Star Pearl had tremendous power to control the elements it was feared that it would be used against the water dwellers. Four sea elves (the original sea princes/essses) were chosen to rescue the Star Pearl from the land dwellers.

Each was given an enchanted Sea Scale mail suit and a powerful weapon. Fairwind was given a rapier that could take on the form of any sword. Parsec was given a dagger. Marasotte was given a mage’s staff. Arlotte was given a staff that changed into a trident.

The four were successful and brought the Star Pearl to this temple which was built to house the Star Pearl. This temple became the cultural and spiritual heart of all Sea Elf cultures. The Star Pearl became a symbol that united all sea elves. It was the symbol that all sea elves would rally under. The Old Empire prospered, retaking territories that had been taken from us. It was at the height of the Old Empire’s prosperity that Arlotte the Traitor struck.

The four were treated as royalty and were known as the Sea Princes and Sea Princesses. They became the guardians of the Star Pearl. One terrible day, Arlotte smashes the Star Pearl with her magical staff. The other three were present, but were too slow to stop her. The Star Pearl smashed and magically disappeared. The three wrestled Arlotte to the ground. It is said she didn’t even struggle.

Guest Star takes the players to a faded document under glass, hanging on one of the walls. The document is ripped in half. “This is Arlotte’s confession,” explains Guest Star “It is truly the venom of a traitor” He spits again.

The document shows the first half of the confession. In the confession Arlotte admits that she saw in a vision the Old Empire becoming stronger and the Sea Elves becoming more prosperous. She knew that this future had to be stopped. She admits to willing and knowingly destroying the Star Pearl.

Guest Star then explains that Marasotte cursed Arlotte’s magical weapon; such was her anger toward Arlotte. Arlotte was sentenced to death. None of the other sea princes or princesses stood by her.

The Sea Princesses soon discovered that the Star Pearl was not entirely lost. It had been scattered over the world. When the Star pearl shattered it radiated their sea scale armour with magic that drew the suits to the shattered pieces. The remaining three set out to try and recover the pieces. On their quest they came across many hardships. They decided to induct a new sea elf to take Arlotte’s place. Over millenniums that have passed since Arlotte’s betrayal, there have been many sea princesses. The armour and weapons of each sea princess has been passed on to the next. Choosing the sea princess has become a sacred ritual. To be chosen as a sea princess is a great honour and a heavy burden. The temple spiritual leader, Master Template is the one who nominates the sea princesses. There have not been any nominations for the last ten years. It is rumoured that the armour and weapons were lost when the last four sea princesses came to a gruesome end.

During your conversation, Mystery comments “Maybe Arlotte had a reason for her actions”. One of the twins notices an old elf cleaner near by polishing a statue. She notices that his ears seem to prick up when Mystery makes her comment, as if he is listening.

Mystery makes several other comments that question if Arlotte was given a raw deal. The twins are worried that showing sympathy for the traitor may not be a good idea, since she seems to still generate anger millenniums later. Also the cleaner seems to be listening more intently, even though he is trying to appear not to. When you questions Guest Star about the cleaner, he avoids the question by showing you some other artworks.

After a while, a solemn gong is sounded and all the guests quieten down and turn to listen. On a raised dais is an elf who addresses the crowd. He introduces himself as Abbott Parraff. He is the Head of the Temple.

He gives a speech about the temple, the importance of the star pearl as a cultural and political beacon and the trials and tribulations that the initiates will have to endure. DM Note: Basically, the sea elves as a race are a scattered and clan orientated people. The one and only thing that is common to all clans is the Star Pearl temple. It is the spiritual and cultural centre for all clans.

Not all will be chosen as initiates. There is a two week trial and then twenty will be chosen.

The Abbott introduces other key personal at the Temple:-


Master at Arms

Head of Security


 Head of “Accquasitions”

Abbott Parraff


Priest of Boccob,

Librian and Historian


 Master of the Magical Arts.


Weapons Master


The Abbott then introduces the other members of the Temple Council: Seer Proxi; and Master Template. To your horror, you realise that the old cleaner listening into your conversation is in fact Master Template, the Temple’s spiritual leader!


Seer Proxi                                                                          Master Template

All candidates are shown to group quarters in the servants’ quarters. They are clean but Spartan. For the next two months, all the candidates work their arses off doing menial chores and religious duties. You work especially hard, tyring to make amends for any offence you may have given Master Template. Rich and poor, noble and servant, all candidates are treated equal even though some candidates try and gain favours and influence.

Date: 24th of Spawning  (Early Spring)

The day for choosing the initiates finally arrives. All but four initiates have been chosen. You are prepared to not be chosen; however, to your surprise, the four of you are chosen. You are not the only ones surprised. There are many who have not been chosen that come from more powerful and noble families than your own.

That night there are celebrations and commiserations in the dorms. The next day the unsuccessful candidates leave and your packed dorms become quite comfortable. The four of you share a room. You are excited and nervous as you do not know what is to come. The next week you are given basic training in all class types. Some you excel in some you fail. Some of you already know what you will train in.

Mystery wishes to continue to learn about the Correllian Lorethian priesthood. Kelp also has had leanings toward the priesthood. Kelp is accepted to be an Athena shield maiden. These two are to be trained when priests of these gods visit the temple.

Coral is accepted to learn the ways of the warrior and the mage. Her trainers are to be the weapons master Corso and Feramos, Master of the Magical Arts.

Harmony has shown talents as a warrior and, as Valance puts it, “versatile in the skill of ‘Acquisitions’”.

Each of the characters starts their respective training. The training is hard but challenging. As you progress through the training you learn more about the characteristics of your trainers.

Corso reveals himself to be indeed be a weapons master, more so a master of all weapons. Is there a weapon he cannot wield? This training is especially hard as Corso does not pull his hits. The only consolation is that he mainly uses the flat of his weapon, he rarely cuts (but he does in the interest of training). In the training room are three fountains that flow healing water. Drinking from them helps heal the wounds and bruises, and the odd broken bone; however, it doesn’t dull the pain. You are glad when your training is over.

Training with Valance is mentally tiring. Valance wants his trainees to see the opportunity in situations. For example, which path would be the easiest in climbing a wall, or the route that gives the most shadow cover. You can see why he is the Master of Acquisitions; he seems to anticipate people’s moves and questions.

Coral has the roughest time with her magic training. The training room is heavy with the smell of incense. Over the weeks Coral notices that whenever Feramos, her trainer, casts a spell she smells Ozone. Coral asks her trainer about this and he brushes the question aside, but it is obvious he is offended. For the rest of the training time, Feramos uses Coral as a guinea pig to demonstrate spells on. Coral also notices that he has a pouch hanging from his side that contains several wands.

During the training time, during free time, Kelp slowly tries to draw Guest Star (nicknamed Wasabi) into their clique.

Date: 50h of Spawning  (mid spring)

During the next few months (the seasons of Spawning then Calms) Mystery starts to investigate the history of the Star Pearl and the sea princess. She starts to spend a lot of time in the library with the Temple historian and librarian, Crater. Crater starts to treat Mystery as one of his contemporaries and he starts to let his guard down a little (Crater is a priest of Boccob and secretly wished that Mystery should have joined his priesthood). It has become customary to spit when the name “Arlotte the traitor” is mentioned; however, Crater spits with such venom that it is almost as if he truly hates this figure of history. He sees Arlotte’s actions as the single act that has destroyed the once great Sea Elf Empire. DM note: The clans of the Sea Elves were once united and a huge empire during the time of the Star Pearl.

Also during this time, you learn that Master Template is a Pscionist and that he has trained people in the past on application; however, he has not trained anyone in the last five years. Corso says that you can apply but sarcastically adds “good luck with that”. Your trainers give you leave from your duties to apply to Master Template.

The next morning you arrive at Master Template quarters. You are shown into his antechamber by Guest Star. The room is Spartan. There is a door two doors off this room. There are benches built into the wall with plain but serviceable cushions.

Master Template arrives and asks what you want. You ask if he will train you into wild talents. Master Template looks at you all long and very hard. Finally he says “If you wish to be trained you must do exactly as I command without fail. If you question my orders the training is over.” You all agree to the terms. Master Template assigns Guest Star to look after your needs during training. He then tells you to wait here till I return.

Master Template does not return that night. You decide to stay and wait. Guest Star says that there is a toilet through one of the doors and he goes and gets you food. You sleep there the night after eating some food.

The next day, Master Template does not return. You decide that you will wait as long as it takes. You guess that he is testing your resolve. You spend the day meditating, talking. One of the twins tries to copy the Warrior training practice that Guest Star performs each day, hoping to become closer to him (as a DM I find this really disturbing); however, he stops when he notices you copying him. After one month Master Template returns and agrees to train you. He tells you to have a good nights rest as you will need it.

Harmony lies with Master Template and she eventually falls asleep. During her sleep she dreams that she travels to a distant Oversea port. Master Template and Harmony enter the port. She asks Master template what is this place. He answers that it is Jackson Port, a place where Undersea and Oversea folk meet to trade.

A Map showing the waters of the Tradewinds world. The darker the blue the deeper the water.

 It is a small extinct volcanic island. Part of the volcano cone has eroded allowing the sea to enter. The inside of the crater rises at an incline of roughly 45% and is lined with buildings. He asks Harmony t buy a spy glass. He gives her a pearl to pay for it. Harmony asks a local for directions. He explains that the streets are named after the times that the sun first or last touches them. The east side of the crater is known as PM and the west side of the crater is known as AM. The edge of the crater causes the town to first see daylight at various times. He says that there is an outrigging supply shop at 5PM. He points at the direction, which to your dismay is half way up the crater.

Harmony goes in and asks the man working there for a spy glass. He has several and Harmony goes to pay for it with the pearl Master Template gave her. The man almost chokes when he examines the pearl. He says that he doesn’t have enough change. She asks how many Spy Glasses would it buy and he answers about 10 (I initially said 100 but I checked the cost of a spy glass and he didn’t give you that much).

He offers to start an account for Harmony. Harmony agrees and says anyone can access in the name of Master Template. It is to be used for the relief of suffering. She tells the shop worker that she will return in one year for the balance.  She picks out the best spy glass, q nice brass one with superior lenses (harder to damage).

When she returns to Master Template he asks where is his change. Harmony tells him that there was no change and he just shrugs his shoulders. Harmony thinks to herself what odd behaviour.

As they are making their way back to the water they hear an approaching commotion. A man runs past them in a panic, quickly followed by the largest “man” you have seen who barges past the two. You assume he is a man but you can’t tell as he is covered head to toe in black plate armour. You have never seen complete plate armour. In a world where water travel plays such a major part, encasing yourself in metal is considered unwise. But what is stranger is that he is at least 7 feet tall and carrying a huge battle axe.

Master Template tells Harmony “Go get an apology from that man for bumping me”. Harmony does as she is told as she agreed to do whatever Master Template told her in return for getting psionics.

Harmony approaches the armoured man who now has the panicked man cornered. Harmony steps between the two and asks the armoured man to apology to her master for bumping into him. The armoured man answers in a voice that sounds like an echo in a metal drum “Don’t stand between a Black Knight and its prey”. Harmony refuses to move until he apologises.

The Black Knight swings his axe at her just nicking her on the forehead doing 9HP worth of damage. She falls to the ground. The panic man has escaped and the Black Knight continues to look for him. As she starts to black out, Harmony feels people binding her wounds. She hears people questioning her “What do you think you were doing? Don’t you know never to stand between a Black Knight and its prey”? Harmony forehead burns and she is feverish. She remembers Master Template carrying her back to the water but not much more.

Back at the temple, the other sea princesses are astonished to find Master Template bring in Harmony. He puts Mystery’s hand on Harmony’s forehead and tells Mystery to heal her. Mystery concentrates and is surprised to feel her own health draining out of her but flowing into Harmony (the first use of Lend Health). Master Template tells her to stop as that is enough. He places his hand on Harmony’s forehead and concentrates. They leave the bruised and near lifeless body of Harmony to rest. Twenty four hours later, the group is surprised to see that Harmony has made a full recovery (first use of Complete healing).

Master Template requests that Mystery lies with him the next night. They travel during the night to an oyster field. Master Template tells Mystery to find the pearls within the oysters. Not every oyster will have a pearl. To open an oyster will kill it. Mystery must find the pearls without unnecessary killing. 

Master Template explains how oysters make pearls and asks Mystery how you think that an oyster would feel during the process. He tells her to “feel” the Oysters for discomfort. She does this and gains the power of “Empathy”.

When it is Kelp’s turn to lie with Master Template she finds herself in a desert wasteland with nothing visible to the horizon. Master Template gives her a map that shows mountains, a river and a forest. It is obviously not this place. Kelp and Master template walk for what seems days. Still there is nothing to see.

Finally Master Template says to Kelp that he is thirsty and that she is to fetch him a drink of water. Kelp has no water on her and asks Master Template where she should get it. Master Template, in a rage, slaps her across the head “Stupid Girl!” he shouts “You hold a river in your hand”.

They walk further. Master Template says to kelp that he wants to sit and that she should get him a stone to sit on. Kelp again asks where she should get the stone. “Stupid Girl!” he shouts as he slaps her again “You hold a mountain in your hand”.

They walk for what seems hours. It starts to get dark and colder. “Build me a fire, I am cold”. Kelp sees no wood. “Stupid Girl!” he shouts and slaps her again “You hold a forest in your hand”.

They walk for another half a day. Kelp starts to feel the effects of dehydration and starts to feel drowsy as she walks. Master Templates asks her “Where is the map”? To her shock, Kelp realises that she dropped the map an hour ago. Master Template tells her to go back and get the map. She is too tired to argue let alone move. She starts to stumble back.

 Her eyes feel droopy and she closes them for a second. When she opens them, she is where she dropped the map. She has “dimension walked” for the first time.  Master Template and Kelp return to the Temple. Kelp goes and takes a long bath and contemplates what had happened. She is confused about Master Template’s request and his comments about the map.

The next day, still tired from her previous ordeal, Master Template takes Kelp to his own private sea garden which is 200 metres opposite the Temple entrance. It is hidden from view but from there, the entrance of the temple can be seen. Master Template shows Kelp a large rock. He wants it broken into small pieces by the following morning. He gives Kelp a sledge hammer (a lot of good it does underwater). He tells her while she is breaking the rock, meditate on “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Kelp takes a gamble and makes a circle with her two thumbs and pointer fingers. Master Template asks her what is that and Kelp says “A Pearl”. Master Template has been very stern and aloof but when Kelp says “a pearl” she thinks she sees the hint of a smile, very briefly but it was there. Also for a moment he seems softer, that is until he points at the big rock and says “break”.

Kelp works at it all day and is exhausted. Unable to control herself, she falls asleep in the garden using the stone as a pillow. When she awakens the stone has become soft malleable clay. This is her first use of “soften”.

During the months of your training, Mystery decides to see the librarian Crater about finding out more about Arlotte the Traitor. Crater takes to Mystery and seems excited that someone else shares his passion for this period of sea elven history. Mystery is keen to find out:-

It becomes obvious that Crater has very strong views about the period. Mystery learns that Crater’s priesthood ethos is to gather study and protect from falling into wrong hands powerful magic items. Crater views the Star Pearl as the single most important and unique magic item to have existed. Its protection was the divine purpose of the Sea elves. At the time, Sea elves were worried that the humans were encroaching into sea elven territory. He views Arlotte actions as, not only traitorous, but as the highest possible offence against Boccob.

The months move on and the party finish their class training and their psionic training. Some of the other initiates show signs of jealousy at the special training given by Master Template.

At the beginning of Readying, a buzz of excitement goes through the initiates. This is the time of year for the Sea Princess festival. This festival for is the celebration and appointment of four new sea princesses The festival has become a bit of an empty celebration because no new princesses have been appointed in the last ten years.

One month before the celebrations Master Template shocks the temple population by putting forward the party as nominees for the roles as sea princesses. Those initiates who were a little jealous become even more so. There is much controversy. The twins are from a noble but uninfluential clan, while the other two have no noble blood. There are many rich and influential clans represented in the initiates and none of them are nominated. No matter how open or suggestive the protest Master Template sticks by his decisions. Some of the more powerful families represented at the temple seek the intervention of Seer Proxi.

Within days Seer Proxi returns to the Temple. He heads straight to Master Templates quarters and is in there for days. When he comes out he looks very unhappy. He questions the party looking for something, a clue maybe into their inner psyche. He asks them if they understand the significance of the Star Pearl and the effect its destruction had on the Old Empire. He eventually leaves but he does not look happy. The nominations stand and the party are to be inaugurated within a month.

It is clear that your nominations have caused you many enemies. Some of the initiates who were jealous before slyly mock you. The barely hide their sarcasm when they call you “princesses”. However, not everyone thinks you impostors. Abbott Parraff takes you aside for a small talk. He acknowledges that Master Template can appear a little odd at times (you all look at each other as if this is an understatement); however, the Abbott knows that he is wise and has a reason for everything he does. Abbott Parraff says that if Master Template says you are to be the next sea princesses than he supports the decision a 100%. You leave the meeting a little uplifted, knowing that you have such a prominent person in your corner.

The next month you are given a bit more courtesy, though sometimes insincere, but your duties stay pretty much similar. You do not clean as much but you are given more important roles. You are sent on errands out of the temple. Some are down to Ballast and surrounding areas, others to meet Oversea ships.

On one such occasion you are sent on a day errand. You are told that it is by order of Master Template. You don’t pay particular notice on who gave you the order as it is part of your regular duties. Guest Star is to go with you. You are given an Aquatic chest to deliver to a Captain Runner of the Hidden Hand. An aquatic chest is not like a wooden chest. It is made from sea hides and is flexible. It needs to remain wet. If it is left out of water for more than a week, it starts to go brittle.

You set out in the morning after learning spells. You swim for half a day to the designated meeting point. You surface a safe distance from the ship and blow you sea conch in the traditional manner to attract the Oversea dwellers. You see the Captain come to the side and wave his hat. He calls out “I am Captain Runner of the Hidden Hand”. You swim forward and make small talk, trying to assess that nothing is a miss. He lowers a rope and you attach the aquatic chest. You ask if there is anything to go back and he answers no. You bid each other farewell and he sails away, while you swim back to the temple.

Another week goes by and the same usual grind. You get another errand to deliver an aquatic chest to Captain Runner. You set out again to the same spot. You deliver the chest, nothing is sent back and you return to the temple.

Date: 76th of Readying (late Autumn)

Another week goes by and you are one week away from coronation. You start to speculate on the treasures of the Sea Princesses. You wonder did they find the Sea Princesses Sea Elf Scale mail and their weapons, or have they been lost forever. During the excitement, you get another errand again to go meet Captain Runner.

You set out the next morning with Guest Star after you have learnt spells. You arrive at the usual spot and blow your conch. Captain Runner bids you welcome, he lowers a rope and hauls up the chest. He asks if any of you are healers. You ask why and he says that they found a sea elf five days ago injured and floating in the water. They thought he was dead but he still holds on to life. None of the crew is a healer and they have done their best to keep him alive. Captain Runner adds that if none of you are healers will you take him back to one of your communities, as his fears that their lack of knowledge on treating sea elves may kill him. You agree to take a look.

You board the ship. The one or two crew you see are busy doing duties with their backs turned to you. Captain Runner bids you enter the cabin but you are cautious. The twins and Guest Star enter while Mystery and Harmony stay outside. You enter the cabin and find it dark. In the corner is a cot with a body on it. You approach and one of you checks the body. It is indeed a sea elf but he is dead. As soon as you make this discovery Captain Runner runs out a door opposite the one you entered and slams it behind him.

You suddenly realise it’s an ambush as arrows are fired down from the crows nest. The crew on top of the cabin try and overbear the party. You soon realise that the crew are not human, or even demi-human, but are frog-like creatures that leap into battle. Guest Star summons his Ki and with a roar smashes down the door and Captain Runner who was behind the door. Guest Star attacks him as more frogmen come up from the hold.

Meanwhile, two of the party take defensive positions in the doorway, stopping them from being flanked. The two outside are holding their own, when the Frogmen decide to change tactics and stop tying to overbear, but instead try to kill the party.

The party makes quick work of them. Guest Star has Captain Runner down to a few hit points who surrender, pleading for mercy. The Frogmen, seeing that the captain surrendered, dive overboard. Guest Star ties up the captain while half the party makes sure that the lower deck is secure, while the other two stand on guard.

While searching the ship the party finds:-

You bring all things of interest up into the cabin. You post guards on the doors so you can see if any of the Frogmen return but you can still see what is happening in the room.

You go through the contents of the last aquatic chest. You are surprised by the contents. Inside is 3,000gp and orders from someone in the Temple of the Star Pearl to capture the sea Princesses dead or alive! The captain was to get a crew and meet back at these coordinates and wait for the sea princesses. Once they had captured the party the Captain was too take the new sea chest and the party to the Temple coordinates. You are shocked, who would reveal the location of the Temple? In an effort to find more answers you open the aquatic chest that you brought on this trip.

This chest is even more shocking. It contains 5,000gp and a letter in Mystery’s hand writing. The letter details arrangements to be made for a one way passage for the party and numerous chests to set coordinates. The coordinates are in waters that are known to be in Saughin control. The gold is also for the Captain’s silence.

The party is in shock as they try and digest this information. The letter is obviously a fake, but a very convincing fake. Who would want to set up the princesses? Sure you have made enemies, but over petty jealousies. Surely no one would go to this much trouble and risk the sanctity of the Temple over a petty squabble. The idea hits the party hard, especially the twins. One of them starts to think that maybe Master Template is behind this plot. He has after all been treating Mystery as if she was his favourite, almost grooming her for something important.

The suggestion that Master Template could be involved raises the hackles of Guest Star. He insists that Master Template is above doubt and that he would rather accuse himself before believing Master Template was responsible. The twin is still uncertain. You decide to question the captain and the mysterious bound half elf.

You ask the captain what he knows and he divulges nothing. Guest Star starts to shake him and he cries like a girl, telling you everything he knows. You ask him, who the half elf is and he says that he is a pirate.

You ungag the half elf and he asks to be set free. He says his name is Diddimas and he is the rightful captain of the Hidden Hand. He says that Runner had payed for passage to an isolated island where he had frogmen waiting to ambush Diddimas.

Runner starts shouting that he it is a lie and that he is the true captain. He asks that you let him go. Diddimas calls him name and says that he can prove that he was ambushed as Runner has a magical ring that he stole from him.

You ponder who to believe. You ask what the ring does. Runner realises that he is caught out and says that he did take the ring because it was a ring of escaping and he didn’t want that filthy pirate escaping. Diddimas says that it is almost true. It is a ring of “Chandelier summoning”. It will make a chandelier appear that will support the wearer’s wait. He says he is a swashbuckler and that it has come in very handy.  You give him the ring and he proves that it works. You decide to believe him. You tie and gag runner and release Diddimas. Diddimas puts the boot into Runner. Diddimas asks about his first mate, Lucky Eddy. You show him the corpse upstairs, which Diddimas says is his first mate.

You get back to pondering your next action. Diddimas says that he may be able to help. He takes the letters and concentrates on them. He can tell you that the letters were written by someone old and the writer was a Dark Elf. The party is alarmed that a Dark Elf has infiltrated the Temple of the Star Pearl.

The twin is still torn on what to believe. Master Template is old; could he be a dark elf? If so what would he hope to gain from his subterfuge? The twins contemplate hard on this matter and eventually come to the conclusion that Guest Star had been saying all along, “it’s not Mater Template”.

The party asks Diddimas if he will sail them to near the temple coordinates. One of the twins has been flirty with him and he agrees. He says it will take at leats half a day. During the travel, Coral uses her “Send Thought” ability to get a warning message to Master Template> She asks him to meet them in his garden (the one wear one of the twins had to break up the rock). The whole party rests up and learns spells during this time.

Twelve hours later, Diddimas calls the party on deck. He points to the horizon and you can see a small armada of ships roughly where the Temple coordinates are. This is too much of a coincidence. You decide to swim the rest of the way so that you don’t alert the ships to your presence.

You swim to the temple trying to stay out of sight as much as possible. You make your way to the garden where you plan to meet Master Template. When you arrive he is not there. You move to an advantage point to see the Temple gates. To your shock and horror the gates are off their hinges and the giant sea anemone that guards the gates is stunned or dead. It is definitely not moving. You see that the air membrane just inside the gates is still in tact.

You sneak along the north wall and sneak through the membrane. You enter the Great Hall as you have countless times before. However this time, the hustle and bustle of the temple has been replaced by an eerie silence. What is more disturbing is that no one can be seen and the floors are covered in blood. The Great Hall shows signs of a huge melee and magical battle. You hear noise in the distance and Guest Star quickly moves the party into the secret Guard Room that has the controls for the now broken gate.

You peer through the peep hole and see three zombies (1 orc and 2 sea elves) approaching your concealed position. There are two huge crates in the end of the hall closes to you. You see statues and other “loot” in there. As the zombies get closer, you see that they are caring a dead body. From where you are you can see it’s Corso and he may not be dead!

The party springs into action. When the zombies have just past your hidden position, the party jump out and make quick work of the zombies. One of the party nets one of the zombies.

You hide the dead (?) zombies and fish out Corso halberd out of the loot bins. You quickly make your way to the fight training rooms. You use your elven abilities and move stealthily. You seem to have been unnoticed.

Once in the training room, you check to see if Corso is alive. He has been knocked unconscious and he has been badly wounded. You drag him over to the water fountains and its healing properties. You start bathing his wounds and trying to get him to drink the water.

He starts to cough and your hopes are buoyed. He starts to gain consciousness and looks at you with shock and horror “You!” he exclaims. His face returns to his normal determined look. “What has happened?” he asks.  You tell him what happened to you and you ask what happened here.

Corso says that the temple was ambushed by humanoid creatures. He looks as if he is disgusted by the idea that the temple has been defiled. He doesn’t know how they got in but someone must have let them in. They were taken by surprise. Luckily he was one of the first on scene and he was able to hold them off until reinforcements arrived. You ask if anyone else survived. He says that he saw Crater fall in battle and Feramos was overrun but he managed to kill his attackers by centring a fireball on himself. Unfortunately it killed him. The only two he cannot account for are Timber and Abbot Parraff. He is unsure if anyone else has survived.

Guest Star worriedly asks about Master Template. Corso says that he has not seen Master Template nor did he contribute to the battle. He may still be in his quarters. You decide that you must see if Master Template is alive. You decide to take the back stairs to near Master Template’s quarters. Moving stealthily, the party and Corso move up to the next floor.

From your position you can see that the door to Master Template’s quarters is heavily guarded. There are bugbears, Orcs, two Ogres and zombies. There are too many for you to handle n your own. You back down the stairs to plan.

Corso tells you that he will distract the guards and you check on Master Template. Before you can argue he runs up the stairs and into the guards. He surprises them, killing one of the guards. He then runs off down the main stairs drawing the majority of the guards. All that is left behind is two orcs, which you easily dispatch.

You enter Master Template’s quarters and close the door. You listen at the door and hear nothing. You enter his inner chamber to find that he is strapped to a chair with a double handed sword sticking out of his guts.

Without thinking Guest Star runs forward to withdraw the sword from his master and mentor’s chest. Just before he touches it Master Template yells out “Stop”! You notice that as soon as he speaks the sword moves quickly further up his gut towards his heart. Sweat before his chest as he concentrates and stops the sword moving just before it reaches his rib cage. Trying to maintain concentrates he speaks in a barely audible rasp. He cannot speak and stop the sword, but he can slow it down.

“Don’t touch the sword it is a ‘Life Stealer’, a very evil sword! I cannot save myself nor can you. I can slow it down but not stop it. It is important I speak to you.

I suspected that the wrong people would try and gain control of the Star Pearl. But I could never foresee who.  I could never stop it, only delay it. The only way I could thwart the plan was to let their plans  unfold. That way I maintained some control, I held them off till I found you four.

I have known for quite a while where the last piece of the star Pearl is” as he mentions the last piece you see that his heart beats with a brilliant white light, “My heart is the last piece. I must die for the Star Pearl to be complete. I have not hid this knowledge because I fear death but because I truly believe ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

There is one other thing that I have kept secret. In the time before Arlotte destroyed the Star Pearl, she had a family. After her actions her offspring were hunted down one by one. Imprisoned or fell prey to mob justice. They went into hiding. I am the last descendent of Arlotte the traitor. I have only revealed this information to one other person. My long time adventuring companion Seer Proxi, who I bound to secrecy by strong magic, that if he revealed my secret he would die. When he found out, he kept his word, but he viewed me with contempt. He, like many, believes that the star pearl will make the Aquatic Elves mighty again.

In the far wall is a secret door and behind that another secret door which hides a teleport ring. That will take you to my secret library. There is another secret room there that will take you to the Temple’s catacombs. In the catacombs are the inheritances of the Sea Princesses. Take what you can, you will find the armour and weapons of the sea Princesses. I leave everything that is mine to you the Sea Princesses. I see in you the same independence and true loyalty to the sea elves that Arlotte had. She carried a terrible burden. Remember, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Don’t let the last piece fall into the wrong hands.

Below in the kitchen are three servants who managed to hide from the carnage. Find them; get them to the Gate control room. They will be able to escape from there.”

Guest Star stands near his master weeping. Master Template motions him over. Guest Star kneels and holds his masters dying hand. “My faithful servant, my death has been made easier knowing that you would be here. I ask one more service of you. Guard the Sea Princesses with your life. If you truly wish to honour me, make their safety your mission. I humble thank you for your loyalty.”

He instructs Guest Star to remove his heart before the sword kills him. If it does, he will be under its power.  With his last ounce of will, he forces the sword out of him with a blinding flash of light. You all turn away quickly feeling a sharp pain. (Each Sea Princess has lost one hp permanently from their HP total). Left on Master Template’s lifeless chest is the last piece of the Star Pearl. Guest Star reverently picks it up and gives his dead master one last bow. You look over to the sword to see it is embedded into the wall. It must be strong magic as you see that the sword is vibrating as if it is trying to free itself from the wall. You quickly search the room. All that is of interest is a small chest, which you take with you.

You head down stairs as carefully as you can. You head to the kitchens and find the three servants as Master Template saw. The servants tell you what they know. They heard the warning bell and entered the hall to see Corso surrounded by enemy and Crater being dragged down by undead. They fled in terror. If the head of the departments could not stop the attack, what chance did a kitchen hand, sous chef and scullery maid have? You lead the back to the gate control room (where you initially hid). On the way you see a trail of blood and fresh dead humanoid bodies. Definitely the work of Corso, maybe he is still alive. You hide the servants and tell them to get clear when they can.

You suspect that if Corso is alive, he is most likely wounded. If this is true, he would head back to the war room/training room. You enter the training room to see that it has been darkened. Corso hides in a corner with his weapon ready. When he sees you he lowers his weapon. He guards the door and tells you to refresh yourself with the room’s healing waters. As you walk over he asks you if you found Master Template. You reply that Master Template is dead. You hear a click of door bolts being slid into place and Corso say “Good”. At this time you realise that the fountains have been smashed and there is no water.

You turn to face Corso who has a murderous look in his eyes. “That bastard was a traitor to his people. He plotted to destroy the Star Pearl and you ‘Puttas’ (Aquatic swear implying that you are whores whose nether regions smell like rotten fish.) were part of his plan. You are traitors as well. Ready yourself for your last combat lesson. This time I will not pull my blows”.

You circle Corso cautiously. Even though you outnumber him he is a formidable fighter and has a greater reach with his halberd, which you know is magical.

Coral casts a phantasm force of a pit under Corso’s feet. He thinks it’s real and falls to the ground. Guest Star uses Ki power, knowing the room is sound proof. You must have been good pupils because you manage to defeat him with only one of the party taking serious damage. I revenge for Master Template and to make sure he is truly dead, Guest Star cuts off Corso’s head. You take his halberd. You are shocked to think that Corso was in on the attack. The party returns to Master Template’s room to use the Teleport ring.

While in his room, the party finally gets a chance to open the chest you took from this room. You find three potion bottles of milky white substances with chain link symbols on the bottle. There is also a small vial or fine crystal which contains a thick black liquid. It has no markings.

The most interesting find is half a sheet of paper. The party is surprised to realise that it is the other half of Arlotte’s confession. In this part, she gives the reasons for her actions, saying that she for sore a time when the Aquatic Elves used the Star Pearl to raise and lower the seas, giving making them rulers of land and sea. In this time, the sea and land was unbalanced and the Aquatic elves were a corrupt and decadent race. She did what she did to keep balance within the world. Her last words were “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”.

Everything is put into the aquatic chest you carry. The party teleports to Master Template’s secret library. You explore the library and the attached rooms. There is a small passage way that leads to a secret door that opens into the Temple room. As you get closer to the door, a familiar strong smell hits your noses, Ozone!

You peer through the spy hole and see that Feramos AND Crater are both alive and they are attack one of the walls in the Temple room. They are surrounded by humanoids and undead who wait for their instructions They have broken through a wall to reveal a passageway protected by a magic force barrier. Tied to the altar are the dead bodies of Timber and Abbott Parraff. The scene can only mean that Feramos AND Crater AND Corso planned this attack. You assume that the passage they are trying to enter leads to the catacombs. You use the teleport ring in this room and enter the catacombs.

You enter a stone walled chamber with a dais in the centre of the north wall. Floating on the dais, surrounded by a sphere of force, is the real Star Pearl. You stand in awe for several moments, captivated by its beauty. It is almost as if you can feel the raw power emanating from it.

There are two doors leading out of this room. One leads to the force wall that Feramos and Crater are trying to break down. The other door leads to an empty room. You search the room for secret doors and find one. You clear away the dust to reveal the outline of a door. You try to push it open. When you place your hand on the door, a deep sounding voice enters your mind and says:-

You are in the grasp of Template’s Acumen. Struggle not, for the manner of your release is not in your muscles. Answer the following three questions truthfully and you will be spared.

1)      Are you loyal to Master Template

You all answer “yes”.

2)      Are you here by his bidding

You all answer “yes”.

3)      Is the Master Template dead?

Again, sadly you all answer “yes” to the last question. With the last question, the door opens into a short empty corridor. You walk down to the other end of the corridor and start checking for secret doors. When you touch the wall, writing starts to appear on the wall. It is a riddle.

I begin eternity

And end space

At the end of time

And in every place

Last in life

Second to death

Not found in wind

But is in your breath

Not in your mind

Am in your dreams

Vacant to Kings

Present to Queens

The party ponders on the question. After a moment Mystery says “The answer is the letter ‘e’”. The door opens revealing a small room with doors of each. You explore the room and the corridors and rooms that the doors lead to. To your excitement, you find that the treasures of the Sea Princesses were not lost but kept hidden here. Here lies the sea princesses’ armour and weapons.

Each suit of sea elf scale male is with the original owner’s magic weapon. However, it is not that simple to get them. Each set is guarded by a force wall and another riddle. The party decides to answer the questions together, and then split the treasure.

The Room of Fairwind of the Waves.

One set of sea elf scale male.

Rapier of Fairwind

What is it-?

The rich want it

The poor have it

The miser spends it

And the spendthrift saves it.

If you eat it you will die?

Mystery answers “Nothing”. The force wall vanishes and you take out the items.

The Room of Parsec the Traveller

One set of sea elf scale male.

“Farflown the Dagger”

What Am I

I have rivers without water

Forest without trees

Mountains without rocks

Towns without houses

Kelp thinks long and hard on this riddle. The answer alludes her until, out of her memory, she feels a stinging slap and hears in her mind “you stupid girl”. She suddenly realises that Master Template had already given her the answer. She calls out in sudden realisation “It’s a map”!

The Room of Marasotte, Keeper of Secrets.

One set of sea elf scale male.

Staff of Marasotte

 Double my number, I’m less than a score

Half of my number is less than four

Add one to my double when bakers are near

Days of the week are still greater, I fear.

One of the party members gives the answer. It is the number six.

The Room of Arlotte the Traitor.

One set of sea elf scale male.

The “Traitor’s Staff”, cursed by Marasotte.

There is no riddle just a simple question.

Do you accept the burden of this armour and weapon?

One of the twins answers “Yes”.

The party brings out all the sets of armour and the weapons. The craftsmanship of the Scale mail is like no other you have seen. It looks simple in its design, but from where you stand you can see that the each scale is almost identical and that it seems to fit in perfect place with the rest of its brothers. It is more a work of art than a set of armour. The party decides to wear the armour now. The party then discusses who should take what weapons. Harmony is not sure but she thinks the dagger winked at her. After some quick discussion, the weapons are split amongst the party. Final division will be decided if you survive. Once dressed and armed, the four women now look sea princesses.

Loud echoing booms fill the catacombs and it sounds like Feramos and Crater will break through. The party races into the main room and towards the dais and the Star Pearl. Energy surges through the force sphere surrounding the Star Pearl. Where you were afraid to touch the force sphere before, now you feel unafraid. The party places their hands on the sphere and pass through unscathed. Guest Star feels a little jolt but it is minor. It is his proximity to the princesses that save him. The whole party is now inside the force sphere and standing in front of the Star Pearl.

Guest Star brings out the last piece of the Star Pearl. With reverence he places the missing piece into its spot in the Star Pearl. Bright as it was before, the Star Pearl glows brighter. The room is full of dazzling light; however, it does not hurt the eyes. All the emotion you have been controlling since returning to the temple seems to well up and burst out. There has been so much death and destruction because of one item.

Suddenly there is a loud boom and the force wall on the entrance fails. Through the dust you see Feramos and Crater run into the room. Feramos raises his wand at the party and a cone of cold head towards the party. However, you feel nothing as the force sphere absorbs the energy and saves you from harm.

Before Feramos can try again, there is a loud and commanding “Stop”! The dust has settled now and in enters the commanding voice. It is Lord Piquet, the assistant to Seer Proxi. He is followed by Valance, your old “acquisitions” teacher. Feramos and Crater fall in behind Lord Piquet. If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now that the others are following Lord Piquet.

Lord Piquet steps forward and his voice softens. “We mean you now harm. We are only here to protect the Star Pearl.” He stops and looks on in amazement at the now fully restored Star Pearl.

One of the party asks “Then why did you kill Master Template”?

Lord Piquet speaks. “Master Template was a traitor. He planned to destroy the Star Pearl. The Star Pearl belongs to the Sea Elves. It was what made us a great people and now that it is complete it will make us great again!”

Lord Piquet speech reminds you Of Master Template’s last words, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Without a second thought, one of the twins raises the “traitor’s staff” over her head and with all her might brings in crashing down onto the Star Pearl. There is a blinding flash of light and the star pearl smashes into a million pieces.

Several things all happen at once. Crater screams as if his heart had been broken. A vortex opens were the Star Pearl had been and the party is sucked into it. The catacomb starts to collapse. Your last glimpse is of Lord Piquet’s men diving for cover, but even more memorable is you meet Lord Piquet’s glance before you are sucked into the vortex. His look is cold, calculating, and vindictive. I think you have made a friend.

You are hurtling through the vortex with the million pieces of the star pearl. The vortex opens above water and you fall to the waves as the million pieces fly off in just as many directions. You hit the water with a thud, but no one is hurt. You swim to the surface. You are in the Shallows (thank goodness) and you can see an island and a port. Something looks familiar. Harmony suddenly realises she has been her before. She exclaims “This is Jackson Port.”

What to do now?




Appendix A

The Armour and Weapons of the Sea Princesses.

Farflown the Dagger, weapon of Parsec the Traveller

This dagger is currently drained except for giving the wielder +1 to dexterity. A new power is gained when the dagger is planted into an island of a new Reach under a full moon. It currently acts as an exceptional weapon (+1 to hit and damage but not magical pluses).

This dagger is perfectly balanced and odd looking. The pommel of the dagger is like two bull horns. Below these horns are two bull’s eyes and a bull’s nose with a ring through it. If a thief has the option of picking the dagger, one of the eyes will wink at the thief.


Marasotte’s Staff.

This staff is deeply connected to the Traitor’s staff. Any person carrying this staff cannot touch or have on there possession “The traitor’s Staff”. It currently has all its powers drained except for the once per day spells and giving the wielder +1 to intelligence. It currently acts as an exceptional weapon (+1 to hit and damage but not magical pluses). This staff can only be used by a mage.

At full power, the staff has the following powers:-

 +3 bonuses to, hit and damage, Armour Class and saving throws. These bonuses will not work with any other form of magical protection, except the Sea Princess Armour.

At full power, the staff has 25 charges.

+1 to intelligence

Once per day

The following powers drain one charge per usage.

(Only five powers may be chosen to be permanent).

The following powers drain two charges per usage.

The staff can also form a retributive strike. Refer Staff of the Magi.

Regaining the powers.

The “once per day” are regained when an enemy of the wielder casts that particular spell at them. The spell is absorbed into staff. Only five such spells can be chosen to be permanent. If the wielder absorbs more than five different spells, the others are turned into charges when the five spells are made permanent.

For the powers to be permanent, the wielder must immerse the staff in deep water Deep water. The can be done several times. Until such time the staff acts like a scroll. Spells absorbed can be cast but are lost after that. There is a 25% chance that that spell can not power can not be re-absorbed again.

As for the bonuses:-

The “two charges” powers are gained when the staff has gained half its powers.

Recharging the Staff.

Once the staff has been immersed in Deep water at least once, it can start to gain charges. This is similar to a staff of power or magi. Spells cast in aggression (or when the wielder thinks the spell is meant to harm), with the caster as the target, can be absorbed by the staff. BE WARNED, over charging will cause a retributive strike!!!

Fairwind of the Waves rapier.

This was the sword of the swashbuckling hero Fairwind of the Waves, Sea Prince.

It too has been drained of its function except for giving the wielder +1 to charisma.  It currently only acts as an exceptional weapon.

Fully charged the sword has the following powers.

Regaining powers.

This weapon is the simplest to recharge but also possible the most dangerous.

The sword gains a level of power after the wielder has performed a task worthy of Fairwind’s memory. The sword will communicate telepathically if such a situation arises if the wielder has not already acted.


Regaining Powers.

+1        10% magic resistance               Can change into any sword

+2        20% magic resistance               Gives one bonus attack/round for special attack

+3        30% magic resistance               the bonuses and hindrances of the Swashbuckler kit.

+4        40% magic resistance               cast heal once/day

+5        50% magic resistance               double damage versus dragons


Arlotte’s Trident, also known as the Traitor’s Staff.


This weapon is cursed but is not a cursed item. The wielder must never return to the realm of the Sea Elves. When in water for more than 24 hours, the staff can take control of the wielder, forcing the wielder to leave the water. Only under exceptional circumstances will it allow the wielder to stay longer in the water. The staff also gives the wielder +1 to wisdom.

The “Traitor’s staff” has two forms: staff form; trident form. Each form has its own particular magical powers. This staff can only be used by a cleric.

In staff form it looks like a normal staff except that the head of the staff branches around and rejoins over a large clear container full of clear liquid. The container looks like glass but is cut like a gem. The container is extremely strong and will not break. In trident form it is highly ornate and a highly polished silver colour.

Trident Powers.

In trident form the weapon is a +2 trident. Once per day it can shoot a net from each of its prongs. An attached rope to the net will also appear if the wielder desires. The “traitor’s staff” currently has the trident powers.

Staff Powers.

The staff has the following abilities which require no charges:-

The staff has 40 charges and can be recharged.

 The following spells (and its reversible spells) can be cast from the staff and require charges:-

One Charge.

Costs 2 charges

Costs 10 charges

It is said that Arlotte the traitor freely swam the Deep Waters, though some believe this story was made up to scare small children. All stories of Arlotte are told to make bad children behave.

This weapon becomes a +5 weapon and glow blue when fighting members of the Deep Reach. Members of the Deep Reach fear this weapon. They must make a morale check.

Current state of the staff.

The trident functions fully work. Only the permanent powers of the staff work. The powers that require charges can be regained. One charge is regained for each energy-draining creature that the wielder destroys. As the charges increase the wielder can “buy back” the powers that require charges. For example, the wielder destroys 3 energy draining creatures, they could buy the powers “heal” (costs 2 points)  and “remove fear” (costs 1 point). Buying back does not drain the charge only using the staff to cast that spell.

To recharge spent charges, the staff has to have a focus spell cast on it. One focus spell will recharge 5 charges.

The Armour of the Sea Princesses.

The following details apply for each set of armour.

This is very special armour as it can be worn and still be suitable for enchantment. To enchant the armour the wearer has to assign some of their own XP to the armour. The XP cannot be returned to the wielder at a later date, nor can the powers gained by an individual be transferred to a new wearer.

The powers and the XP cost are listed below. For example, if you spend 5,000XP to get a +1 armour, it will cost you another 10,000XP to increase it to +2.

+1 to A/C                                              5,000XP

+2 to A/C                                            10,000XP

+3 to A/C                                            20,000XP

+4 to A/C                                            40,000XP

+5 to A/C                                            50,000XP

+1 to S/Throw                                      5,000XP

+2 to S/Throw                                      10,000XP

+3 to S/Throw                                      20,000XP

+3 10’ radius to S/Throw                     50,000XP

Once all the levels have been bought, the wearer can give the suite a special function of other magic armour at a cost of 100,000XP. For example, the scale mail can be a suit of etherlessness like “Plate male of Etherlessness”.

The armour also is allowed to act as a receptacle for PSPs (see the “Receptacle” power) . This increases by 10PSP for each level of the armour. The armour starts with an initial receptacle allowance of 10PSP. Therefore, a +1 suit would allow the wearer to store up to 20PSP in the suit for later use. The stored PSP amount can never exceed the wearer’s normal PSP limit.

Appendix B

Experience points for the Game.

I did not keep experience for this module. I am awarding an overall XP value. Each player gets 5,000XP plus any XP from treasure.

I am allowing XP to be gained from magic items and the sale of magic items.

I am also adding a house rule that you can go up two levels per adventure, if you have enough XP. For example, if you have more than enough XP to go up two levels, you go to one point above the XP needed for the next level. Previously, you were one point below the next level.

Appendix C

Other House Rules

A crossbow and gun powder weapons ignores armour and shield bonuses. The only a/c modifiers are dexterity, magical adjustments, and class bonuses. Furthermore, a critical hit can be achieved by getting a modified 20 on a d20, (eg, rolling an 18 but you have +2 because of dexterity) instead of just rolling 20. You still need to be able to have hit by 5 or more for it to be a critical hit; however, you will get double damage on a modified roll