Baron Ballard

Baron Crayon

Baron Sledgehammer

Air Marshall Palmerin
Q Featherhammer

Summary for 20 November 2004

Arrival in Khemit

1                 After 2 days of wandering the Dry Steppes desert, a sandstorm hits.  With fond memories of the Jama Plane, Ballard quickly sets you up with protection from the fury of the desert, and several hours later you emerge unscathed.  Thus in the middle of nowhere you meet your first Khemitians (Egyptians); a caravan of some 150 camel carrying trading goods.  With a serious face, one of the men tell you they have been trading in Myrrh, Gum yarbic, Lapis lazuli and dried figs.  They agree to let you join the caravan for a few days.  They’re a tight-lipped bunch though and so are their guards. The extent of their communication being something along the lines of “you’re not from round here are you?”

Wandering in the Dry Steppes

2                 After 5 more days of endless desert, the landscape starts to change, and some rocky hills start to appear.  The place is still barren and holds little sign of life.  The camel train guards start to come alive with rough jests and then you gasp in disbelief when you suddenly stand at the lip of an enormous gorge, a Grand Canyon.  Above the gorge all is all barren rocky outcrops and low hills with sparse desert-like vegetation.  But within the gorge is another matter, at the very base you can see a beautiful blue-green river winding along with greenery on both sides.  You can see settlements dotting the banks of the river, and boats sailing around.  Your eye is drawn to civilised habitation, a small town that one of the merchants informs you is called Atum-Seyal, and this is a tributary of the River Nile…he smiles and calls you foreigner.

3                 Over the next 5 hours you take winding tracks down the side of the canyon until you at last reach the river.  Here you are ferried across the water by a large reed boat with a red sail that looks well worn.  Menkarae then arranges a barge to take you down river to Luxor, where you start to see some of the finesse of Khemit.

Arrival in Luxor

4                 On 19 Flocktime your barge arrives in Luxor and you alight on a stone wharf.  You walk up a small hill and follow the path as it curves around to approach the main building.  Here you see an avenue lined with statues of lion-like creatures upon pedestals.  The citizens of the town appear happy and prosperous and wreath the lions in flowers and other items.  Two tall obelisks stand before 4 huge human like statues on huge thrones, 2 on each side of the entrance to the walled area.


Money Equivalences




1 platinum piece


10 gold pieces


1 gold piece


5 silver pieces



2 silver pieces


1 silver piece


5 copper pieces


1 copper piece


5                 Menkarae takes you to the great temple of Thoth, one of the major deities of Khemit, the priests of which have great influence with the royal family.  Neferkare stays in the great hall, annoyed that Q stays to watch over her.  The rest of your party seek and receive an audience with the Superior Priest of Thoth, Tehi‑neken.

6                 Tehi‑neken greets you all in Khemitian, but reservedly.  Later you find that Menkarae was confused at the reaction, not what he was expecting of his old friend.  After asking him to speak in common, the two do some reminiscing for about half an hour.

7                 Eventually Menkarae gets around to the point of the trip, advising Tehi‑neken that Neferkare has also returned, and must once more be recognised as Royalty and regain her position in the succession to the throne of Pharaoh.  Wrangling and debate goes on for some hours and eventually Tehi‑neken agrees if you conduct a mission for him.

8                 Tehi-neken subtly enquires about your social status and asks you if you are the seasoned veterans that you appear to be.  He says that Pharaoh is a hard but fair ruler.

9                 He tells you about the Gorge of Osiris, which is a forbidden area for Khemitians.  The ancient Necropolis that was the scene of Rahotep’s final stand in his “Eternal House” devoted to the evil god Set is located in the gorge . The special Temple of Osiris is at the mouth of the Gorge to guard the area and maintain the wards that keep Rahotep bound in his prison.  The Archpriest of Khemit, Shemsi Neteru-f, a devotee of Thoth has secretly raised his concern with Tehi‑neken that something is afoot in the Gorge.

10              All have been unable to penetrate the mystical mists that now hang around the Gorge.  Pharaoh Tuthmosis IX is indifferent this information.  Also of concern is that Pharaoh’s closest confidant and companion is Marshal Ahau-ahtibek, who despite the laws to the contrary, is a worshipper of Set!

11              As foreigners you would not be violating any ethical or moral Khemitian tenants by entering and investigating the Gorge of Osiris.  Note however, that a recent announcement of Pharaoh Tuthmosis IX decrees that anyone found desecrating an ancient grave is now subject to summary execution on the spot without trial.  Hopefully this is aimed solely at tomb robbers, although one can not be sure…

12              Tehi-neken will get Neferkare recognised back into Royal family, if your Party agree to investigate the problems in the Gorge of Osiris and eliminate any problems you find.  As mentioned, he has tried scrying but there is a cloak over the valley that he can not pierce.  Have no illusions, this is not a mission sanctified by the Temple of Thoth, if you are caught he will not acknowledge you or your mission.  While you are on the mission, Neferkare must be with him to start “resocialising” her in Royal circles.  Menkarae advises that he will stay too as her advisor.

13              To summarise, your mission is to:

(a)             investigate the Temple of Osiris;

(b)            remove all the evil beings lurking in the Gorge of Osiris;

(c)             bring proof of the evilness or malign deeds of any you slay (Crayon suggests keeping a diary);

14              He gives you a contact in Thebes (known in the trade caravans as Sod) that you are to meet and who will arrange papers and safe travel to the Gorge.  You query him about healing potions and ointments and he arranges a temple cleric, who sells you potions and a scroll.

History of Rahotep and the Gorge of Osiris

15              Having agreed to his mission, Tehi-neken gives you the following background to the Gorge of Osiris.  This information is to be kept secret, tell no one!

16              Some centuries ago there lived a man called Rahotep. He was a Priest and Mage, a devotee of evil, and a worshipper of Set from his youth. By his early 30’s Rahotep was a Chief Priest, a force in the ranks of those who served the ass-headed one of chaotic evil. Through scheming and treachery, he did away with those above him and became the Grand High Priest of Set in his 40's, taking the name Sethu Neterankh. Skilled and unscrupulous, he used his abilities to become a Vizier of Lower Khemit soon thereafter. His ambition was unsatisfied, of course, and he had certain dark vows to fulfil. Rahotep, now Sethu Neterankh, planned to make the malign deity Set the principal god of the whole of the kingdom. This plotting included more than that, for to assure the matter, he meant to assassinate Pharaoh and take the crown for himself.

17              Fortunately for the ruler and all the people, this machination was discovered before Rahotep had his apparatus in place. The disloyal military were beaten in a pitched battle, their leaders executed, and the followers of Set throughout Khemit proscribed. All temples of the dark deity were destroyed, all references to Rahotep were chiselled away from inscriptions and his features chiselled off all statues.  No mention of the name Rahotep was permitted by Khemitians forever more. Yet Rahotep and a small band of his faithful servants and followers escaped, and his power was such that not even the mighty magic wielded by the wizards and ecclesiastics of Khemit could bring them to bay. Finally, the Uchatu, Pharaoh’s secret police, managed to do so - however, through the employment of several who, like Rahotep, were Mage-Priests, the kheri-heb.

18              Although they managed to locate and immobilize their foe, the kheri-heb were unable actually to destroy Rahotep and those his great magic protected. He was contained, unable to strike back, yet his power prevented his enemies from physically taking and slaying the outlaw band. For weeks a magical struggle ensued, the kheri-heb pressing in, the malign servant of Set resisting. Yet no single mortal, even with such power as he possessed, could last for long against the combined forces arrayed against him. Rahotep sought guidance from his master, gathered his energies, built an “eternal house”, and then shut himself and his followers into that tomb. Before the kheri-heb assailants could bring death to those within, they took their own lives. Yet this was by no means the conclusion of the matter.

19              All concerned knew that the act was one of defiance. The hand of Set was there to protect the tomb from violation. Rahotep would be kept therein for a long time, but in the distant future he would have a second chance. Nothing that his opponents could do would prevent this. The burial place that Rahotep selected was in a Necropolis, so that place was abandoned as a site for new internment and immediately a special Temple of Osiris, the greatest opponent of Set, was erected at the mouth of the gorge in which the tome lay. The temple’s ecclesiastics would guard the area, use their magic to keep the vile Rahotep bound in his prison, and thus there would be no opportunity for him to come forth again.

20              Time was on the side of Evil, of course. Memory is short. Over the years the urgency faded. Wild tribesmen and grave robbers from the desert slipped into the place now called the Gorge of Osiris, and even the Temple of Osiris fell into evil hands, leaving Rahotep unwatched as he worked a plot to escape the tomb.

21              To kill Rahotep you must possess the Nine Evil Objects.  These objects are known of, but their location is not.  While their appearance and function are no longer known, their names are the:

(a)             Serpent Ankh

(b)            Bloodied Moon

(c)             Cleaver of Set

(d)            Book of Eternity

(e)             Sceptre of Set

(f)              Blackened Sun

(g)             Netherladder

(h)             Seal of Shadow

(i)              Cursed Star

Investigating the Gorge

22              After your meeting Crayon Dimension Folds back to Pogrom Island and collects several of his and Ballard’s followers to protect Neferkare. The group then acquires some magic items from the priests of Thoth, you go down the river by boat and join a caravan in Thebes.  From there you head West out of the Canyon and into the deserts and the city of Farnoc. After that is the village of Aartuat.  He advises that half a day’s ride north of this village is the Gorge of Osiris (that honest people never discuss).

23              After 4 days travel through the relentless desert, your reach Aartuat in the evening of 23 Flocktime CY577.  You find common room accommodation at the Caravanserai of Aartuat and bed down for the night.

24              The next day you wander around Aartuat, meeting people, including the Platoon Sergent of the Military outpost here.  You also meet a fellow that appears to be a hunter called Khonsu-khaibet.  He displays a good knowledge of the area, and covertly indicates that he has been arranged to lead you into the desert to see the fabled Gorge of Osiris.  He seems friendly towards you, especially Ballard, whom he strikes up a conversation on desert survival with Ballard.

25              Another person of note was Atmu‑thoth‑rahat, a philosopher and pantheologist.  He is a collector and seller of religious items and suggests you each carry a figurine of a Khemitian god for good luck and divine inspiration.  Several of the characters bought figurines: [insert pictures of these figurines here]

(a)             Ballard: Apuat — wolf headed man, NG

(b)            Palmerin: Sekmet — lioness headed woman, LG

(c)             Cadra: Ra — hawk headed man, LG

(d)            Crayon: Tefnut — lion headed woman with disc, N

(e)             Q Featherhammer:       Hapy — fat man with lotus and papyrus, N
                                    Horus — hawk headed youth, N

(f)              Khonsu: Thoth — ibis headed man, NG

(g)             Hellyeah: no gods, be one with the elemental power of Oearth

26              Another person of note was Merha-aptut, a priest of Hapy who tells you of his ambition to build a temple to Hapy in town.  Cadra donates 10 Drachmas (10gp) to his cause, and then all of you spontaneously make donations totalling 391 Drachmas, which Merha-aptut is very grateful for and blesses you as good folk.

27              The next day you head out on camel to the Gorge of Osiris at 6am.  After 45 minutes of travelling you are attacked by 13 bandits in a small ravine.  The combat is decisive, with you bringing down a spell casting cleric that you recall from town called Shenau, and a mage.  From each of these two bodies you find what are clearly unholy relics, one in the shape of a Serpent Ankh and one in the form of a Bloodied Moon.  These are wrapped in cloth and carried by Palmerin and Q Featherhammer respectively.  Being experienced adventurers, you also have several prisoners.  The bodies of the slain are loaded on camel for carriage back to Aartuat town.

28              You get one of the prisoners to spill his guts and learn of the Bandit Cave on the edge of the desert.  Its protected by a sand devil, but Cadra insists that you investigate.  When you find nothing but a pool of water, Ballard looks for tracks on the rocky floor of the cave and begins to piece together who has been in the cave and where they went (ability check roll of 2).  You don’t see any devil while you are clearing out their hidden stash, although there is a very large mound of sand in the entranceway that Cadra advises radiates evil and which you all went to great lengths to avoid.

29              You head back to town late in the early afternoon, sending two scouts ahead to warn the Platoon Sergent to arrest the merchant Hept-f-hra, whom you know to be in league with the bandits, and to inform him of the bodies you carry.

30              You dump the bodies and report to Sergent Hetet-f and 5th Lieutenant Hamephat about the ambush, noting that the 5th Lieutenant appears excited that something may be happening in his area of command.  You ask that any money from the bodies equipment go to the priest of Hapy.

31              On your way to see the priest of Hapy, you stop in on Atmu‑thoth‑rahat to discuss evil objects.  He sells you special metal cases to store such items in, saying that they should be blessed and sanctified by Merha-aptut as part of their warding.

32              Further on your way to the priest, you stop by the village pond to talk to a guy (Gerhit) sitting on his deck that you suspect may be involved with the bandits.  While talking you are attacked by an enormous crocodile that launches out of the pond at you, trying to get a death grip on Cadra.  It is over 30 feet long, and attacks ferociously, but you are seasoned veterans, not some poor villager.  As you are attacking the thing, Gerhit flings insults and taunts you, seeming to think that the creature will get the better of you.

33              As the croc is being beaten down, Palmerin attacks Gerhit on his porch.  As they parry each other, Hellyeah invokes a storm of hail stones that batter Gerhit, and then casts a spell on Gerhit making him believe that Hellyeah is his best friend. Gerhit stops fighting at Hellyeah’s request and then reluctantly tells Hellyeah of his brother’s chest in the house, while someone fetches the Platoon Sergent to arrest Gerhit for you.

34              However when the Platoon Sergent questions him, Gerhit pleads his is innocent, being attacked on his own deck by Palmerin.  There is much discussion from all, and the Sergent finally calls on the Miller for his opinion.  The Miller seems an honest man, who tells what he saw: Palmerin running up and attacking Gerhit on his deck while Gerhit appeared to be defending himself. After Hellyeah unsuccessfully tries to get Gerhit to confess his guilt to the Sergent, Palmerin is taken into custody for unlawful assault with intention to kill.  All of the money and equipment that you had “liberated” from the house is held in evidence.  All the evidence makes it look pretty bad from a local’s point of view.

35              You are shocked, these people do not understand that Palmerin is innocent!

36              You speak to the 5th Lieutenant about bail, and he sets a stiff figure of 100 Atens (1000gp).  Palmerin’s trial will be held here in 30 days, on the 26 of Wealsun.  If he does not attend, his life is forfeit.  Needless to say, Palmerin swears he will be there and abide by the law.

37              While this is happening, Q and Cadra have found 3 figurines in the belly of the croc, and at their friend’s urging, Ballard and Khonsu (the two rangers) have skinned it and taken it’s teeth.

38              With Palmerin now out on bail, you take the figurines to Merha-aptut, the priest of Hapy.  He identifies them as:

(a)             a statuette of Aapep; the greater deity of evil serpents etc.  This should be broken and destroyed in a fire

(b)            a statuette of Set in boar headed form with a symbol representing a pond on it, which may be some use in the future if encased correctly

(c)             a figurine of Sebk, which may be some use in the future if encased correctly

39              He says that Atmu‑thoth‑rahat can sell you gold cases that should be properly blessed and shielded by himself to hold in the malign influences of these idols.  When you show him the Serpent Ankh and the Bloodied Moon he bids you keep them hidden from the servants of evil who will lust after them if they see them.

40              You mention the bandits and your mission to the Gorge of Osiris, and he nods gravely and suggests that he might have something to aid you in your mission, given that you are clearly servants of good in word and deed. 

41              He shows you a cave entrance that one of you must crawl through to get the sacred items of war.  A lot of equipment comes out, which you get Adestra to identify: some of which Merha-aptut calls the Armour of Hapy (if all three items are worn at the same time you get AC 4 - this replaces the bonuses from the boots and cuirass)

(a)             Boots of Hapy:  These golden leather boots grant the wearer +2 bonus to AC and allow the wearer to Water Walk or Wind Walk up to 3 times a day as per the  mage spells (cast at 11th level.)

(b)            Cuirass of Hapy:  This coat of leather armour provides protection equivalent to scale mail (AC 6) and has 50% spell resistance .  It has the same weight and characteristics as leather armour.

(c)             Helm of Hapy:  This helm appears as an old style Egyptian helmet with a flowing neck protector of silvery mesh and a crest of sun and moon crescent.  It grants +3 bonus to willpower saves.

42              You can tell that these items have a strong link to the priesthood of Hapy, and volunteer to return them to him when you have finished your mission.  You also retrieve 3 weapons from the cave:

(a)             a trident with a silvery cord attached: +1 dancing bane of summoned creatures (+3 against summoned creatures), see Sword of Dancing pg246 DM Guide

(b)            a battle axe with a golden blade (+2 ghost touch) can hit incorporeal creatures

(c)             a two-handed mace of shining copper (hammer of shattering) does 1 ½ dam against “constructed” creatures

43              Crayon takes all the items that were magical and Dimension Folds back to Pogrom Island.  Here he gets Adestra to identify all the magic items.  Adestra notes that she now has some more members of the Mage of the Black Star, and that it will take 3 days to identify all that Crayon wants done.

44              On 28 Flocktime Crayon Dimension Folds back to Aartuat and meets with Merha-aptut to thank him for the items to aid in the mission and donates 10,000gp towards the Church of Hapy.