Summary for 28 – 29 May 2005

Reconsecrating the Temple of Osiris (Converting Q to Set)

compliments of Ivan (DM: needs to be fleshed out later)

[Document Version 1]

Baron Ballard

Baron Crayon

Baron Cadra

Air Marshall Palmerin
Q Featherhammer

1)      The guards on the east stable doors have been the first to willingly surrender when faced with an obviously superior opponent.  The damned devotees of Set were fanatical to the end. 

2)      We last left our heroes in a boat, several hundred feet under the desert in a enormous cavern. Crayon is in giant eagle form, the priestess of Set is still bound on the floor, and none of the party is dead.

3)      The party slowly drifts closer to the building in the middle of the cavern. From where they are, they see a building with steps leading up to it. Around the cavern walls there is a 5’ ( I think) raised platform that goes around the cavern wall. It is dispersed with columns. Along the cavern wall is various painted scenes. At the back of the cavern is two doors.

4)      Either Palmerin or Cadra cast a true seeing spell on Palmerin who gets on Crayon’s back and flies around the room. The stairs are trapped, and various nasty things are around the wall. Palmerin and Crayon arrive back. Crayon turns into elf form.

5)      At some point the party is attacked by two snaky creatures. Various spells and attacks are used. I remember a mist so we couldn’t always see them. Cadra did something tricky (snake charm I think). Can’t remember the full details of the battle, or if this happened before or after looking at the doors.

6)      We arrive at the back of the cavern and check out the doors. A lot of the pictures have evil or are trapped. There are two doors with four buttons on it. I can’t remember what was on them but we pressed them in some sort of order. They were magic or trapped.  We cast an augury I think which said something about tackling the centre building sooner or later.

7)      We went to the island building. Tied the boat to the side  and got out to avoid the traps on the stairs. The priestess chick was tied in the boat. Ballard used his special knot on the boat (it was called something but I can’t remember what. Maybe a half ballard)

8)      Each door was guarded by a statue. We approached one which gave us a speal. So did they all when approached. Basically, lay down your gear and enter to gain great rewards. We smelt a trap.

9)      Curious as dwarves are Cadra and Q started to debate what to do. Q suggested that he do it and then if something bad happens it only happens to him. Cadra wanted to do it as well, but Q talked him out of it. There was a sacred guardian on Q. Q places all his stuff down and enters.

10)  Inside is a statue of set. Q is suddenly transported to a strange place, where he is in front of set. Set orders him to kneel. Q fights the compulsion (I think he used a character point [DM: no chr point used]) but fails. He is forced to kneel in front of Set and a ring is placed around his head. Set does his thing and Q is made CE and a  worshipper of set. On the plus side he gains a level in each class, some psionic abilities and some of his magic items are turned into suped up nasty weapons ( the blades of the sun become the blades of Set ( or something along those lines)).

11)  Set orders Q to try and get the rest of his party to lay down their equipment and enter the sanctuary. If he cannot do that, he is to try and stop them entering fully armed. Set warns him that the party has set a trap for him.

12)  The party [Cadra] has seen Q kneel before Set and [alerts the party who become] are suspicious. They set an ambush for him to try and capture him.

13)  Q the contemplator, becomes Q the cunning. He goes out the back door and climbs to the top of the building. He sees the trap the party has set but they don’t see him. He telekinesis a dagger to the tied up priestess so she can free herself and help Q.

14)  The priestess sneaks up behind Hellyeah (I think). Q tries to get her attention so that they can coordinate their attack. She sees him but ignores him. Trying to take advantage of the priestess blatant lack of tactical skill, Q jumps up and shouts a warning to Hellyeah.

15)  The priestess is captured and the party try and talk Q down. Q is quite happy to talk from where he is.

16)  The party try and vast “hold person” on Q. It finally works. Other spells I think were cast, maybe detect evil.

17)  Q is held. Ballard climbs up using Hellyeah’s rods. He pushes Q over as precaution. He tries to put a bag over Q’s head and Q uses psionics on him (Andrew proved this could be done by lying on the floor and getting Sean to try and blindfold him. Is there no limits that Andrew will not go to make sure of game accuracy or does he just like being tied up).

18)  The party is suspicious. Cadra goes up and I think he just flings Q of the building. Q is not happy. Or maybe he uses a rope to pull him off (Andrew didn’t try and prove this one!!!)

19)  Various spells are cast on Q to try and remove the band of his head. Finally, a remove curse works. Q is back to normal and spills the beans ( except the fact that he has gone up a level, this he keeps to himself).

20)  The party tries to enter the hut. Q asks to be moved first.The group splits up among the four doors. As the party attacks, the statues come to live. One of the statues makes its way to the party. Q asks again to be moved, as this great big statue is coming towards him and he is tied up. The statue starts to attack Q. Q wishes that he had of attacked the party before.

21)  The statues are destroyed. The party enters the hut and destroy the statue.

22)  In the statue of Set we find one of the nine items, a book.

23)  The party goes to the doors on the cavern. A find traps spell is used and we travel down one to find its trapped.

24)  We go down the other and travel for a while. We find another water cavern. We see glowing underwater a giant statue of Osiris. Somehow we find out its not real. There are two things in the water I think. One big, one small, can’t quite remember.

25)  Crayon in dolphin forms, swims down taking Palmerin ( I think) they check out the statue.

26)  We find a small replica of the temple. We make a osiris idol and put in the replica temple.

27)  Does Osiris talk to us at some stage.

28)  There are stairs going up. We don’t take them for some reason. There is something strange about where they lead to.

29)  We didn’t quite do this bit right but Andrew won’t tell us more.

30)  We head back up top.

31)  At some point we learn that Q ‘s headband, will turn him back to CE in about a week. A procedure is worked out to recast the remove curse spell.

32)  Hellyeah goes to train. We bring back [60 Pikemen troops on 8 Wealsun, CY 577]. The Pharaohs men come [11 Wealsun]. Some people go down and destroy remaining creature in Cavern.

33)  We talk to the leaders and arrange a tour of the temple and cavern, [11 Wealsun - the leader sends runners to Famoc for military advice].

34)  Our pictures are on the wall somewhere. I think the old pictures had been painted over but once we destroyed the Set statue, the paint fell away.

35)  The leaders await for orders f4rom their superiors. A standoff currently exists.

36) [11 Wealsun - Crayon DF to Pogrom Island. 12 Wealsun Crayon brings back 40 Pogrom Island Longbowmen ]