D&D summary for 31 January 2004

Written in May 2009 by Andrew Newbery

The following is a dot point summary of what I can recollect happening - I welcome additional info (I can confirm it in the module).

Copy of last part of previous game summary (2 January 04)

13.              Alevolenz tries to slay Cadra with magic and fails.  Tries to use hideous staff on Cadra and drops it (Fumble).  Cadra knocks the staff away with his hammer.  Cadra then drops his hammer (Fumble), and Alevolenz kicks it away.  Cadra then uses fist and shield punches to defeat Alevolenz.  But just when it seems that Alevolenz may be beaten, she whispers words of recall and disappears.

14.              Adestra looks into the Crystal Ball yet again and sees Alevolenz in her room.  With several suggestions that are completely out of character, Adestra the academic suggests going after Alevolenz while she is weakened.  When Cadra rightly mentions the Arachnomass, Adestra says that she is willing to try and draw it away into another room.

15.              Cadra chases after Alevolenz, running with Adestra to the upper level.  Cadra casts Protection from Evil on himself and burst into room.  Adestra tries to get the Arachnemass to chase her, but it lashes out at Cadra.  The protection holds though and Cadra with his new Gauntlets of Ogre power engages Alevolenz in the final battle.  Alevolenz tries to cast a spell, but Cadra is too quick and Alevolenz is slain by the mighty dwarf.  Cadra’s faith is put to the test one last time as the Arachnomass tries to envelop him.  The protection holds true though and while it completely covered him, it could not touch him to do harm.

16.              Close of play sees our party in the hall outside Alevolenz chamber with the Arachnomass caught in the chamber .  Adestra carries the Bag of Holding and the Portable Hole with the dead bodies of the rest of the party in both of them.  Mick the Mimic is also in the Portable Hole, hoping that he will not run out of air before Cadra lets him out.

Destruction of Ul Drakken (vague recollections of 40-ish people for something that happened 5 years ago)

Copy of start of next game summary (29 August 2004)

1                    After stepping through a Dimension Fold into the church of Essencia’s manse, (at 7:30pm on 10 Planting CY 576) you once again set foot onto the cobbled streets of Scant after rescuing people and equipment from the Dark Elf fortress of Ul Drakken, some 7 days march underneath Scant. 

2                    Early the following day (8am - adventurers have to sleep in some times!),  Mick the Mimic is sent to Pogrom Island through another Dimension Fold.  Unbeknown to Crayon, a crafty dwarf has arranged to corner the market in chooks on Pogrom Island.

3                    The following day you advise the Scant military of the invading army that you know will be assembled in Ul Drakken on 19 Planting.  They (3 x Knight Colonels, 6xKnight Lieutenants, Reschen Amberlord & a guy in civvies in charge of homeland defence - you never did get his name…) advise that this is important enough to contact the Generals, who are currently at sea accompanying the Szeck of Onnwal to Pogrom Island.  The Szeck and Generals are about to conduct a Royal tour of Pogrom Island hosted by Barons Kidzje and Niahm to review the progress you have made and the Athorite mines in particular.

4                    But when Knight Colonel Louis MtBatten decides that the “Pogrom Repeating Ballista” will be best used in the defence of Onnwal, Crayon argues that they are the spoils of a private civilian reconnaissance mission.  Further, Crayon lies to the Colonel, saying that you have only 2 Ballista and that they are not the property of the military.  At this point Cardra asks for a quick private meeting with Crayon and convinces him to let the military have the 2 he has told them about.  Crayon apologised to the Colonel who was happy he had seen the error of his ways.

5                    Speaking through a portal device from somewhere near Pogrom Island, the Szeck and his Generals consider the important news.  They decide that as Knights of Onnwal, you will lead the counter-attack from the forces in Scant down into Ul Drakken to confront the armies of the Drow on their own soil.