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Kordson Bralmsbane

Barbarian, devotee of Kord


Personal Summary

Name and Title: Kordson Bralmsbane
Height 6 feet 2 inch (?? cm)
Weight 205 pounds (?? kg)
Birth date ?? CY ??
Class Barbarian
Sex Male
Age: ?? years old
Race: Human
Religion: Kord
Place of Birth:  
Appearance: looks like ??


General Appearance

by Dennis Bentink

On first sight Kordson presents an imposing sight. Tall and heavily muscled, he has the appearance of a man who has seen his fair share of action. His skin bears the marks of battle, with a praticularly nasty scar under his left ribs. His brown hair swings like a mane as he easily spins his large frame.

A massive 2-handed axe hangs strapped to his back as he turns to swing his huge fist at one of many people in the chaotic ruins of the pub.



Last updated: 26 January 2006

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