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CONTRACT No. PI/CY576/0001

1 – General

1.1 Scope of Work: This Contract is for the processing of Athorite ore from the Pogrom Island Athorite mines, and the manufacture of Athorite implements from the processed ore.
1.2 Definitions:
Principal: Pogrom Island Department of Natural Resources (Delegate: Barons of Pogrom Island).
Contractor: Ironforge Clan Pty Ltd.
Access to Facilities: Means any unauthorized form of presence including physical or magical presence or scrying.
Forging Facilities: Refers to the area provided by the Principal and cannot be extended without approval.

2 – Conditions For Athorite Ore Work

2.1 All Principal owned Athorite ore from Pogrom Island Athorite mines shall be sent to the Contractor’s facilities for processing and the manufacture of products, except as provided for under Clause 2.3.
2.2 The cost of transporting ore to the Contractor’s facilities shall be borne by the Principal.
2.3 The Principal reserves the right to redirect up to 15% of Athorite ore (measured by mass per delivery) to other processing and manufacturing facilities, provided this work is offered to the Contractor in the first instance. If the Contractor turns down this work, it may be offered to other facilities by the Principal.
2.4 The Contractor shall manufacture 75% of the processed Athorite ore into products as directed by the Principal, unless Clause 2.3 is invoked. All such manufactured Athorite products shall be returned to the Principal. The cost of transporting finished products shall be borne by the Principal.
2.5 Processing of ore and manufacture of products shall be carried out in a timely fashion. The next delivery of Athorite ore shall not be supplied to the Contractor until the Principal has taken possession of all required manufactured products made from the previous ore delivery.
2.5.1 Exceptional Circumstances: The Contractor may make a claim for exceptional circumstances with regards to the requirements of Clause 2.5.
2.6 If manufactured Athorite products do not conform with the Specification, or prove defective in the defects liability period, other than fair wear and tear, the Contractor shall rework the defective product at no additional cost to the Principal. If the item cannot be reworked or repaired, the Contractor shall replace the defective item at no additional cost to the Principal. The defective item becomes the property of the Contractor.
2.6.1 Defects Liability Period: The defects liability period for manufactured Athorite products shall be 3 months from the date the Principal takes possession of the products.
2.7 Payment to the Contractor shall be made by the Contractor’s retention of 25% of processed Athorite ore. This processed ore becomes the property of the Contractor.

3 – Additional Workers

The Contractor shall provide suitably qualified workers, consisting of 24 miners and 8 guards. These workers shall be used in the Athorite mines only. These workers shall be supplied at no additional cost to the Principal.

4 – Period of Contract

This Contract shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of the Letter of Acceptance. The Principal retains the right to extend the Contract for a further year at the end of three years.
The date of the Letter of Acceptance is: 7th Harvester CY576.

5 – Location of Processing and Manufacturing Facilities

The Contractor is required to process Athorite ore and manufacture some of the Athorite products on Pogrom Island, as follows:
5.1 – The programme for the extent of Athorite processing and manufacture activities on Pogrom Island shall conform with Table 5.1.
Table 5.1

Target Minimum Extent of Work On Pogrom Island
Year 1
0 %
Year 2
25 %
Year 3
30 %
30 %

The Principal may reduce the required level of work undertaken on Pogrom Island through negotiation with the Contractor. (minimum period to inform of change; penalty to Principal for not informing within specified period (i.e. any mobilization costs incurred); penalty to Contractor for not providing minimum extent of work (liquidated damages while Principal finds other smiths to occupy facilities provided); any others?
5.2 – The Principal shall provide the smelting and forging facilities on Pogrom Island for the purposes of undertaking work on Pogrom Island in accordance with Clause 5.1. The facilities shall be made available for the sole use of the Contractor when the Contractor takes possession of the site. While in possession of the site the Contractor will be taxed at the standard rate for tradesperson’s on Pogrom Island. While in possession of the Principal provided facilities, the Contractor shall be responsible for any management and the maintenance costs of the facilities.
At the end of the Contract period, the facilities shall be returned to the Principal in good condition, taking account of fair wear and tear.
5.3 – The Contractor retains the right to prevent access to restricted areas of the forging facilities. All tools provided by the Contractor remains the property of the Contractor.

6 – Alliance,

The Principal and the Contractor agree to assist one another, where it is mutually beneficial, in the event that either Pogrom Island or the Contractor’s facilities in the Iron Hills are attacked by external parties.

7 – Sample

The Contractor shall provide the Principal with a sample of a completed Athorite item. The sample shall be a dagger. Two pounds of Athorite will be provided by the Principal to the Contractor to make the sample. One pound of this Athorite shall be used to make the sample dagger. The other pound of Athorite becomes the property of the Contractor.

Last updated: 27 June 2005

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