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Pogrom Island Mining Information

1.             All the Athorite and Copper mines are underground mining tunnels into the earth, searching for veins of ore that are removed and the minerals then extracted. The Athorite mines follow a thin spidery vein that does not yield much metal for the amount of ore mined. The copper mines are more like normal, following nice thick veins through the earth.

2.             From the intelligence you collected when you liberated Pogrom Island , you believe that 876 pounds of Athorite were sent to the South Province .


3.             In order for a mine to produce at maximum efficiency, the chief miner must make a successful Mining roll each week of the mine's operation. If the roll succeeds, the mine produces normally. If it fails, production is reduced by half for that week. This could be the result of pilfering among labourers, a cave-in which causes the loss of valuable production time, the intrusion of some monster, or plain old bad decisions on the part of management. Each mine's production figures are below.


4.             The old chief miner that you have employed has a Mining Proficiency of (5+5CPs=10). The percent of weeks for normal mining is thus 10 ¸ 20x100=50%. So 50% of the time they have problems and only produce half, so they produce 75% of capacity over a period.

5.             The dwarves can also excavate the tunnel mines on Pogrom Island (hard rock) at the rate of 35 cubic feet per dwarf per day.


6.             Originally there was a medium smelter on the island that could process the ore from up to 20 miners, but the dwarves imported a large smelter soon after starting that can process the ore from 100 miners. The large smelter cost you 5,500 gp and is 75feet x 75feet. The son of the old chief miner that you have employed has a Smelting Proficiency. The cost of operating a large smelter is 25 gp per day.


7.             On 8 Fireseek 575, the Barons hired 73 Dwarven Miners (Hill Dwarves) from Scant to undertake mining on Pogrom Island , the leader was Cadra Sledgehammer. The agreed rate of pay is set at 6 SP per week, per dwarf. They don’t work during the 4 festival weeks. As part of the contract negotiated by Cadra, the dwarves were granted the right to eventually house themselves in a complex dug into the mountainside behind Sky Castle.

8.             Of the 73 dwarven miners Cadra does not mine. 50 miners are mining Athorite at any one time. Of the 22 others; 12 are smelting, and 10 are excavating their new home (stronghold).

9.             No-one is mining copper any more.

Start Date

10.             After a week of setting up, fixing up equipment, and correcting the bracing in the existing Athorite and Copper mines, the dwarves started to extract Athorite ore and excavate their complex on 15 Fireseek 575.

End Product

11.             In mining terms 1000 coins of iron = 1 suit of plate armour [Field Plate, 60 pounds], 100 spear heads, or 500 arrowheads. [from Dwarves handbook]

Athorite mine 1—Silver Stream (CY575)

12.            Silver stream was the first and existing Athorite mine. Silver stream played out after 46 weeks.  It was a fair vein, producing 9 coins per miner per week . (extrapolation of table in Dwarves Handbook, accounting for Adamantite , then Athorite.

13.            The equation for Athorite production in CY575 was: 9 coins x 50 miners x 46 weeks x 75% efficiency = 12,750 coins = 382 pounds = 1,262,250 gp.

Athorite mine 2— Shining River (CY576)

14.            Shining River was prospected late in 575 when it looked like the Silver Stream was drying up. Shining River was mined all of CY576. It was a thinner vein, producing 6 coins per miner per week. During this time Cadra took 24 dwarves to Iron Hills for 12 weeks. There were 36 weeks mining with 50 miners, and 12 weeks mining with 38 miners.

15.            The equation for Athorite production in CY576 was: 6 coins x 50 miners x 36 weeks x 75% = 8,100   +   6 coins x 38 miners x 12 weeks x 75% = 2,052 coins .

15.            The gand total for CY576 was 10,152 coins = 304 pounds = 1,005,048 gp

Athorite mine 2— Shining River (CY577)

16.            Shining River finally played out at the end of Wealsun CY577.

17.            During that time (24 weeks) it was mined by 50 miners, who extracted: 6 coins x 50 miners x 24weeks x 75% = 5,400 coins = 162 pounds = 534,600gp.

18.            The dwarves have been resting for Richfest, and plan to continue prospecting for the next mine in Reaping (next month). They seem to be in poor spirits though, as they have actually been prospecting for another Athorite vein for the last month, while Shining River was playing out.

Last updated: 3 February 2006

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