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Q Featherhammer

son of Haver Featherhammer

Personal Summary

Height 4 feet 5 inches (134 cm)
Weight 170 pounds (77.1 kg)
Birth date 524 CY
Class Fighter / Rogue
Name and Title:

Q Featherhammer

Royal Engineer (Trap disposal unit), Locksmith Master craftsman, Lecturer at the Onnwal Military Academy in Engineering.

Race: Dwarf
Place of Birth: ???

Clan and family

The Featherhammer clan are a branch of the Grainetcher clan. The Grainetchers and Featherhammers are both clans of dwarven artisans. The Featherhammers, became known for their work in fine, intricate workings and gadgetry of a security nature (locks and other gadgetry). There are strong ties between the Featherhammers and the Grain etchers.

Thur Featherhammer and Dwo Grainetcher

Heads of their respective clans

Crest: The Featherhammer’s family crest is a winged hammer.



Background Summary

Q was a sickly child and ill health plagued him into his adult life; however, he had a talent for engineering. Q studied dwarven engineering, specialising in small machines. He then served a 25 year apprentice under his father Haver Featherhammer. Haver was very proud of his sickly son and together they brought great kudos to their house. Q’s mother (deceased) came from the clan the Hardblows, who were many leagues away by sea. The Hardblows outsourced a particularly fine and intricate piece of work to Q and his father. Q and Haver had not seen the Hardblows since Q’s mother’s death and organised to deliver the piece themselves.

Q’s father, Haver Featherhammer

During the sea voyage the ship was attacked by pirates. Haver threw their work and tools overboard, rather than let their secrets fall into the hands of pirates. Q and Haver were made slaves on the oars of the Great Galley. Haver feared that his son’s ill health would take its toll; however, the opposite was the truth. Under the lash, Q experienced hard physical exertion unlike anything he had known. Even though they were in rank crowded conditions, the sea air seemed to improve his health. Haver was amazed to see his son bloom into a powerhouse of a dwarf. The conditions on the slave galley slowly took its toll on Haver and after 2 years he died. Three slavers received crack skulls trying to separate Q from his dead father. The slavers would have killed Q except for his awesome strength. Q could row a galley oar all by himself, including extended ramming speed. For this skill alone, they would weather Q’s bad temper.

It was often that Q was made to row by himself. Tiring Q out was the only the slavers could stop him escaping. He had broken seven chains, three oars and a rowing bench trying to escape. Q was held by the thickest chain they had rowed, by himself, with a reinforced oar. Though they had restrained his body, Q’s mind burned with thoughts of revenge and escape.

It was during the fifth year of Q’s imprisonment that the galley attacked a ship and took it’s occupants as slaves, which included Crayon, the Prophet of Esscencia. Crayon would eventually help Q escape. Before they escaped Crayon’s spells kept Q’s mind and body together during the rough treatment of the slavers. Crayon & Q were slaves together for over a year before they had a chance to escape.
Q bid farewell to Crayon who had felt a calling towards Onwal. Q had unfinished business, i.e. returning slaves, seeing family, etc.

Q sailed the high seas for three years tracking down any slavers he could find. He eventually handed over control of the renamed “Retribution” to an underling and returned to finish his fathers work. He moved to Onnwal to ply his trade. During a time of unrest Q joined the Royal engineers to help Scant and Onnwal He was there for five years when he retired and took up lecturing. Lecturing allows him to use OMA’s expansive engineering library.

Brief outline of Crayon’s history involving Q (for a more in depth reading see “The Lessons of Crayon”

When Crayon first became the Prophet of Esscencia he started as a fifth level character ( a gift from Esscencia). This new found power went to his head. Why couldn’t he just magically control people and make them do his bidding instead of trying to manipulate them into a desired path. Crayon started to take his powers for granted. One day during an ocean crossing Crayon prayed for his daily allotment of spells but was shocked to find that he had been denied his powers. That same very day the ship was attacked by pirates and he was taken as a slave. Crayon could not understand why he had been forsaken by his God. During his time as a slave he met Q. Q was a brute of a dwarf who was incredibly strong, with fire in his eyes. Crayon learnt that Q had been a slave for 5 years and had gone through seven sets of chains. His current manacles were huge and had held Q for the last two years. He was made to row by himself so that he did not have the strength to try and escape.

One day Crayon saw Q’s plan to escape. If Q lent a certain way during the pull back part of his row he could double over the links in his chain and they would rub together. Crayon realised that Q was only doing it once an hour to avoid suspicion. Q had managed to wear his chain down a millimetre. Crayon calculated that he must have been trying to break his chains in this way for over two years. Crayon was amazed at the patience of Q. Crayon distracted the guard from making the same discovery he had made. Q could see what Crayon was trying to do and a bond slowly formed. Crayon was in awe of this man and soon realised that Esscencia had directed Crayon to this slave galley to learn the true meaning of patience and to see the benefits of adversary. Adversary had given Q the will to fight and made him strong. Crayon that night truly prayed to Esscencia. He thanked her for showing him this lesson. Crayon had learnt humility. The next day he was granted a spell and his powers slowly returned over the months. Over the next year Crayon used his powers to help Q and the other slaves overthrow the slavers.

Without the intervention of Crayon escape may have been another five years off. Q and five of the other slaves pledged allegiance to Crayon and his cause. Of those five, two were to later become priests (Dom Perinon & Billy Ray) and the other three become part of Crayon's’bodyguards (Fazer, Mazer & Agent J).


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