1)          This duplicated organic material created by this spell can only be used for mundane purposes (some examples include: as food; to create additional timber; or to make more hemp rope). The duplicated material is not suitable for use as a material component in the casting of any spell, for the fabrication or publishing of spellbooks, or in the creation of any magical item. Although a material component can be copied by the spell, the magically created nature of the copied material interferes with the magical energies of the spell, book or magic item for which it is being used, and will cause the spell, book fabrication or magical item creation to fail.

2)          If a dispel magic is cast on the material within one turn of having been created, it can be dispelled. Thereafter, the material is permanent and cannot be dispelled.

3)          Valuable organic materials (eg. rare furs, spices or herbs worth more than 50gp per item) can be created, but the spell casting requires an additional material component. This component is a gem of value equal to or greater than the value of the materials being created. If the gem is not offered up, the priest’s deity will not fulfil the priest’s request unless the priest can prove he or she is not motivated purely by greed – and the deity will know!


1. Ref: 2nd Edition Tome of Magic

Description of the 2nd Edition version of the Blessed Abundance spell

Blessed Abundance (Conjuration)

Level: 5th                                                                  Sphere: Creation

Range: Touch                                                           Components: VSM

Duration: Permanent                                               Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: 1 cubic foot/level                          Saving Throw: None

This spell allows a priest to duplicate a specified amount of animal or vegetable matter. Magical items and minerals (including rocks, metals, and gemstones) cannot be duplicated. Although organic materials (such as food or living plants) can be duplicated, living creatures cannot be copied by this spell.

The caster can create 1 cubic foot of material per his experience level. The material to be duplicated must be equal to or less than 1 cubic foot in size or volume. For example, a 9th-level priest can create up to 9 cubic feet of animal or vegetable matter. Using a loaf of bread 1 cubic foot in size, he can produce nine such loaves; using a bucket of apples totalling 1 cubic foot in volume, he can create nine such buckets.

The material component is the priest's holy symbol.