Tradewinds - Secrets of the Black Heart

Game summary for 24-27 April 2009 at Andrew's place.

written by Ivan and Andrew



Game summary for 24-26 April 2009 at Andrew's place.

Document version 0.1 dated 9 May 2009

Document version 0.2 dated 17 May 2009 - changes in orange

Document version 0.3 dated 31 May 2009 - major changes inc. Ivan's, no revision marks

Document version 0.4 dated 18 May 2010 - Final draft including Ivan's changes in his doc shown in purple


Friday 24 April 2009

Day 1

1. You come flying out of the vortex into open air. You fall far enough that the impact winds you. You are momentarily dazed. Suddenly reality is forced upon you. Guest Star is shaking you and pointing to the surface. You all swim up to the surface.

2. The sun is starting to set and in the distance you see a small island that is dominated by the remains of a volcano. You estimate that you are half a league away. There looks like there is an entry to a harbour; however, on each side of the mouth of the harbour is a reasonable sized fort. Harmony recognises this scene. “This is J ackson Port ”

3. Looking around from where you are, you can see a number of vessels heading towards the port. There are small one man fishing boats to large ships of the line.

4. You reflect on the new items you now have and consider your own:

  • Coral has the Sea Elf Chain Mail and Marasotte’s staff
  • Kelp has the Sea Elf Chain Mail and Fairwind of the Waves rapier
  • Mystery has the Sea Elf Chain Mail and Arlotte’s Trident, also known as the Traitor’s Staff
  • Harmony has the Sea Elf Chain Mail and Farflown the Dagger

5. What are you going to do?

6. The party decided how to enter Jackson Port and to keep the armour on underneath their clothes.

7. Ask the Resolute for a ride. Flirt with sailors. Only allowed a tow and only as far as the port mouth.

8. Enter post Sea Elf Guards. Coral flirts with Guard. (Guard never really forgot Coral or as he calls tells the men at the barracks “the hot twins that I nailed”. Comes forward to the Sea Elf council at J ackson Port when Wanted Posters are sent around. Gets a promotion out of it).

9. Head to surface. Walk around wharf looking for a place to stay. A kind Baker offers the party the chance to stay in his bakery if they watch the place for him. He quickly changes his mind when Coral makes some remark about killing people.

10. Find middle market cost inn. The twins can’t handle the smell and go outside. Mystery and Harmony organise a room. The inn keeper looks down on the two until they pay their bill in advance. She then gives them premium service. She assigns a boy to wait outside their rooms to run errands for the party. You learn it is the same day that you left the Temple of the Star Pearl.

11. The landlady sends up fresh clothes and a healing broth for the land sick twins. Your old clothes are sent out for laundry. You ask for some advice on where to find things in the town. The landlady will get a boy to take you around the port tomorrow.


Day 2

12. The Priest of Correllian decides to use one of her granted powers and starts to prepare to cast an identify spell on the magic items. The party leaves her there and goes out to investigate the town.

13. Cast identify, look for churches and trainers.

14. Go to Athena church.

15. Go to Have Latte (a cafe), look at people go past and then buy clothes.

16. Kelp uses staff to identify magic items. Mystery failed to “Identify” the magic items. Kelp suddenly realises that she has the Staff of Marsoltte and that she can identify. She determines:

17. Head down to the wharf and look for ships who have banners for trainers. Only one boat has the banners for all the trainers, surprise surprise, it’s the Resolute.

18. Along the wharf are many tables under canopies. Sitting at these desks are representatives from various merchant houses, ships and trading companies. The party wanders about until they find the resolute’s representative. Coral is surprised to find it is one of the sailors she was flirting with. He talks about the boat and the captain. The captain is a hard but fair man. The Resolute sees a lot of action and danger but the rewards are good. The party mentions that it may buy a commission. The man stops flirting when he realises Coral may be a future commanding officer.

19. Make appointment to see Captain of the Resolute.


Day 3

20. Go to the Magic broker.

21. The boy that has been acting as your guide, points out a man in the markets who you can sell your magic items through. You go up to his stall and he asks if you want to buy some grapes. You say that you have something that you want to sell and that you have heard that you may be able to help them. The man looks around to see who is watching and then suggests that he shows you his stock out the back.

22. You enter his tent and he asks what you have to sell. You say that you want to sell a magical halberd. He rubs his chin and groans, “Not much call for it”…”may be hard to sell” are all the excuses that come out of his mouth. He agrees to try and find a buyer. He says that his commission is 10% of the selling price. He says to come back each day and ask to buy some grapes. If there is no buyer for you he will sell you some grapes. If there is a buyer he will say “They’re on the house for such a pretty lady”. You say that you will come again tomorrow.

23. Go to Shop with store credit. Get credit chips.

24. Mystery takes you up to the Shop where she has a credit account. You all walk in a thin man comes to the counter to serve you. Mystery smiles at him knowingly and he smiles politely and asks if he can help you. Mystery asks him if he remembers her. He says know. She starts to jog his memory and he finally realises who it is. He makes a thousand apologies and asks again how he can help you.

25. Mystery asks about the credit and had anyone come in. He looks a bit sheepish and says that no one has come in to claim the credit. He apologises again and said that he couldn’t keep such a large credit on his books. He has spread the credit across a couple of shops along the 5PM . There is now credit in a jewellers, an alchemists, a weapon smith and a few other specialist shops.

26. You say this okay. He gives you shop credit tokens. He says that you can use these same tokens in the shops where you have credit. You ask him which are the best shops and he says that they are all good honest people. Thinking he may work on kick backs you give him a large tip. He starts to tell you which shops are the better quality shops. You ask if the Alchemist is honest. He tells you the Alchemist is honest. The shopkeeper has yet to see an amount of money that would make the Alchemist untrustworthy. You thank him and leave his shop. Guest Star excuses himself and makes his way to the weapon smith. He orders some weapons. He meets you at the alchemists shop.

27. See Alchemist, discover they have Extra Virgin Kraken Oil.

28. You open the door to the alchemist’s hop/ A little bell on the door sounds your arrival. An old security guard in a leather gherkin sleeps in a chair against the far wall. He holds a knocked crossbow in his hands. The bell awakens him from his slumber. He looks alert for a minute but is having a hard time staying awake. The walls of the shop are lined with shelves that hold bottles of various liquids, some with the oddest things floating in them. A young boy comes to the counter and asks if he can help. You ask to see the Alchemist. A wiry old man comes out wearing a leather apron. He smiles and asks if he can help. You hand over one of the vials with the black inky liquids. You ask him how much to identify this liquid. He says that he will first see if he can identify it before he charges you a price.

29. He opens the stopper and waves his hand trying to detect the aroma from the vial. He closes the stopper and swirls the liquid around while holding it up to a lantern. He rubs the stubble on his chin and pulls at his moustache in thought. He asks you to wait a minute and he goes into his back room. He comes back a few minutes later with a large gold bowl, a thin crystal dipper a small brazier with something burning in it.

30. The alchemist opens the stopper again and brings out one single drop with the dipper. He drops it into the gold bowl. He swirls the bowl around while watching the drop skidding around the bowl. He then places the bowl onto the brazier. You see that the bowl is starting to heat. The small drop of liquid starts to expand into a large globule of black liquid. He swirls it around again. The drop maintains its shape as it moves around the bowl. He puts the bowl into some water to cool the bowl. The ball shrinks back to its normal size. The man very delicately, opens the stopper and with the utmost cares places the drop back into the vial. He gently places the stopper back on the vial and pushes it in tight. He places the vial in front of himself and says “I don’t know what it is.” You suspect he is lying.

31. You thank him for his time and go to take your vial and leave. He snatches the vial as if it was his most precious thing. He admits that he may have some idea of what it is. He says that it has no value and he will reluctantly take it off your hands. He says this while he clasps to the vial as if his life depended on it. The man is obviously not a poker player.

32. Again you say thank you but no thanks. Again, he refuses to let go of the bottle. After a lot of bluffing on both sides , you eventually break the alchemist resolve and he spills all. He says that it is extra virgin Kraken ink. You asks if it is like giant squid ink. He scoffs as if you are an idiot not knowing what you have. He goes onto explain the process of gathering giant squid ink and the various grades of ink. It is highly dangerous and lucrative (if you survive). He then explains that a Kraken is to a giant squid as is a Lion is to a house cat. To have Kraken ink is extremely rare. To have it at the grade that you have it is a beautifully impossible and highly valuable dream.

33. You ask the Alchemist how much it is worth. He says that you can get between 500-1000gp/drop. You all let out a collective gasp, as you have 40 drops (Andrew eyes start to roll like Slot machines. His XP worries are over). You start to realise how much money you are carrying around and how precious Master Template’s legacy is. As this dawns on you, the alchemist starts to get nasty.

34. He starts demanding payment for this knowledge. You offer to pay him credit chips but he wants to paid with the Kraken oil. You tell him to forget it. He points out that a lot of people would love to get their hands on it, a lot of disreputable people. Keeping the fact that you have it secret would be a hard thing. Congratulations, you have found the amount that would make this honest hard working man become corruptible.

35. Tempers start to flair as you perceive his remarks as a threat. The guard becomes more alert and half raises his crossbow expecting trouble. The two parties argue for a bit until a compromise is made. You agree to give him one drop as payment and to sell him another two drops for 1000gp each. He then will source buyers for whatever drops that you want to sell. You say that he can have 10% of any price he can get over 750gp. You agree. He sells you some sturdy vials and helps you divide the drops amongst the party. Each member gets ? drops with the costs coming from ???. During your time in J ackson Port , you sell ? drops.

36. You make your way to the wharf to catch the longboat back to the Resolute. The crewman that you saw yesterday is less flirty today. It is around 4pm as you get into the longboat. The burly sailors row steadly out to the Resolute. The weather is starting to get very dark, the Storm season is almost starting.

37. When you get to the Resolute a rope ladder is lowered and you climb up. You are greated by several armed guards and a stern loking Lieutenant. You salute him and ask permisson to come aboard. He asks you your business and you say that you have an appointment to see the captain. He gives you permission and he and the guards escort you to the Captain’s cabin.

38. The ship has taken a lot of damage and the crew are busily repairing it. A few crew members look up as you pass. The lieutenants shuts them up before the lewd comments can leave their mouths. The lietennant knocks on the door and announces your arrival. You are asked to come in. The Lieutennant stands at attention until the Captain acknowledges his pressence. The captain dismisses Lieutennant Fransisco.

39. The Captain’s Cabin is neat tidy and comfortable. It is not plush, yet it is not spartan. He sits at a large desk facing you. From the side of the cabin comes his steward who takes away some papers the captain has signed. The steward gives no indication that he has acknowledged your pressence or exsistence. The steward goes back to the side of the room, slightly behind your peripheral vision.

Captain Pellington

40. The captain is a middle age man who looks like he can still handle himself in a fight. He has a neat goatee and he wears a golden gauntlet on his right hand.The captain sizes you up as he runs his fingers through his hair. He asks how he can help you.

41. You ask about being trained and about buying a commission on his ship. He tells you the price to train. He can only release his crew for 2 months at the most to train. The intense trainign is double the cost. The price is high and you look at buying a commission. He asks what are your skills. You detail what you can do and how you think you can be an asset to his ship. He tells you that a commisson will cost you 2,000gp each with a 3 year minimum service. You will enter as Midhsipmen. You ask if there is a higher rank you can enter in as. He smiles slightly and says that you are not sufficiently experienced to be a higher rank, though with time you may find you will be premoted (DM note: your experience level does not necessarily coincide with your rank. There are high level fighters amoungst the seamen).

41A. We each pay 2,000gp for a commission and sign on as Midshipmen of the Resolute for 3 years, with an early exit clause of:

  • < 1 year costs 6,000gp
  • < 2 years costs 4,000gp
  • < 3 years costs 2,000gp
  • serve the full 3 years and can leave at end of the 3 years for free.

42. Guest Star says that he is signing on as crew and does not want a commission. He says that his job is to work for the 4 women. The captain says that the party can not have servants and asks if Guest Star will take orders from others. Guest Star says that it is not a problem. Guest Star signs on as Cook’s mate.

43. You ask where you will be sleeping, and the captain smiles again. He tells you that you will be sleeping with the rest of the midshipmen. He then emphasies that does not mean screwing around. There is to be no fratenising with the other crew members. This will be punished by a flogging (the twins later make a bet to see who will be flogged first). One of the twins blurts out that she will pay 2000gp extra if they can have a cabin. The captin agrees but warns that it is in the hold and it Is not really a cabin but a storage area. You still agree.

44. He says that if you want to join be back at the boat at dawn in two days. He says if you want to join you need to get your affairs in order. If you join you will need to help repair the ship. This will take 2 weeks. After that you can train. You say that you have business still on shore. He says that he cannot release you during the two weeks but someone may be able to do things for you when they go ashore.

45. He makes a final warning. If you join his crew you see action and great danger. You will share in the rewards. However, once you commit to the captain he expectsa 100% loyalty. He says that the crew are like family and that they look out for their family. This reassures the party a little that maybe they have found a safe haven.

83 Readying (Day 4)

46. We go ashore for the last time as civilians to get affairs into order. See Church of Athena again, See Alchemist, See magic broker, and collect a lot of cloth, pillows, doonas etc to make our cabin look girly. We continue to use our 4 water-tight sea chests to put all our clothes and valuables in.


Next two weeks:

47. LEUT Francisto puts us to work repairing the ship.

48. Magic broker finds a buyer for your magic items.

Day 5:

48A. We officially join crew of the Resolute as Midshipmen. We settle ito our small cabin, stowing our chests and lining the walls and roof with the new cloth we purchased, and spread the cushions and doonas around to make it nice and homey and very girly. Coral seems pleased as she lays back, but it’s short lived as we are called to duty.

Dawn: First day as crew of the Resolute.

48B. Some of the crew look with amusement as the party starts their duties for the day; to scrub and reseal the deck. However, the princesses are nos tranger to hard work, as they were worked hard as initiates at the Temple of the Star Pearl. They are given may tasks over the next two weeks and they prove themselves each time. Some crew are silently grateful they are onboard, as all hull repairs are being assigned to the sea elfs.


48C. During the two weeks, merchants regularly come to the ship to ply their wares. A girl from the Magic brokers comes aboard each two days. You keep asking her how much the grapes are and she keeps giving you a price. One day, she tells you that the grapes are free for such pretty ladies. You realise that the broker has found a buyer. You cannot leave the ship for another week though.


48D. The week goes slowly. The work is hard but there is a warm comrade amoung the crew that comes form facing danger together. Finally the work is complete and the ship is ready for inspection. The next day the Captain tours the ship. The crew stand to attention nerviously waiting the attention of the Captain. The Captain nods, makes a comment here and there. A simple “Good work” her and there has the crew brimming with pride. At the end of the inspection, the Captin addresses the crew “You have made me proud, the ship is battle ready. Break out the rum! Shore leave starts tomorrow!” The shiop errupts with hoorays. The drinking that follows is hard and refreshing, as exhaution starts to finally catch up with the crew.


48E. Earlish the next mornign, the party and those crew members that plan to train go ashore before their training starts. The party goes to the Magic broker who gives them the address of a pub. He says to meet him at midday . The aprty arrives at midday and find the magic broker with the a captain in the town guard. The deal is made and the party leaves with Xgp. The party perfrom so other erands in town and head back to the ship.

48F. During this time someone goes and sells some drops of extra virgin kraken ink.


48G. Training starts the next day. Some of the party take to the training quiet well. Others it is harder and they need to take on intensify training. Those members of the party (mainly the clerics) that finish early go and watch the crew that are taking intensive training.

48H. The intensive training is brutal! Blows are not pulled, flats of the swords are not used. The trainers are really trying to kill the trainees. Some of the crew withdraw from training as they cannot take it any more. The party’s clerics do what they can to help the other princesses get through the training. They cast Remove Fatigue an dCure Light Wounds to get them threw the training. The Party’s cleric also try and help the other crew pass the training where they can. All this time comes out of their shore leave. The cleric’s help has a positive effect because the princesses are the only ones who makei it through the intensive traing

End of two weeks:

45. Sell Halberd.

46. Sell some drops of Extra Virgin kraken oil.

48I. During the last few days of training, you hear stories about events in Jackson Port. One of the crew members says that it is really weird ashore. Al the Sea Elf shops and markets have closed. Apparently there has been some major crisis in the Sea Elf world. You look worriedly at each other. The gig may be up.

48J. Those who have finished training try and gather more news on what has happened. Your greatest fears have been realised. News of the destruction of the Temple of the Star Pearl has reached Jackson port. There are rumours aplenty going around. There is to be an underater town gathering in two days time where the underwater port leaders hope to have more info.

48K. All training is finished but you dare not attend the meeting. Guest Star decided to attend the meeting. He will be less conspicuos. He goes to the meeting and hears what news has been gathered. The princesses hope to be able to counter the claims that have been made. Guest Star returns and does not look too happy. The meeting was presented with the following news.

48L. Facts:

48M. Results:

48N. Description:

Be on the lookout for four beatiful female Aquatic elves. Two of which are identical twins. They go by the name of Harmony, Mystery, Kelp and Coral. The accomplace goes by the name of Guest Star.

General Description follows with a reasonable accurate picture.

48O. After the meeting Guest Star eves dropped on various discussions. There were a few people who believe they have seen the party. Suspicion has been raised that the Destruction 4 may be in Jackson Port.

48P. The party is worried and is unsure on what to do. The party decides to take a big gamble and tell Captain Pellington. The party wonders if he will still see them as “family”.

48Q. The party ask permission to speak with the captain. He agrees to see the party and you all enter rather sheepishly. You feel a little akward talking in front of the captain’s steward, but the captain refuses to dismiss the steward. The captain listens as you detail your tale of woe and the sizeable bounty on your heads. He looks on seriously with a poker face. Is he going to “fold” on you or go “all in”. You have indeed signed on with a good man because he is all in. He tells the steward to cancel all ship leave and that he is personally to return all crew back to the ship. It is still the season of Storms so it is difficult to leave the port as yet.He suggests that you go to your “cabin” and do not come out until they can leave Jackson Port.

48R. The crew return over the next couple of days. The captain assign two crew memebers to you to act as gophers. They are trustworthy and dependable. They bring you the gossip as it filters back to the ship. The local sea elfs have been making enquiries around the port. One of the town guard definetly remembers a pair of beautiful twin female sea elfs. He definetly remembers one of them hitting on him. The local sea elfs know that you are in port, or were at the beginning of Storms. They have no reason to think that you have left.

48S. Several days later, you here a horn being sounded. It must be close because you can hear it in your cabin. You then hear beat to quarters. The ship becomes a well disciplined fighting machine. One of the gophers come back and tells you that the Captain of the Town guard and a contigent of soliders and a delegate of sea elfs are on a galley.

48T. Coral cast invisibility on herself and use her inante stealth abilities to make her way topside. She watches as the Captain exchanges words with the delegation. He tells them in no certain terms that they cannot board his ship and that according to the laws of “Storm Peace” he is still the master and law on his own ship. There is a stand off. The delgation leaves much to the displeasure of the sea elfs; however, the captain of town guard knows that theya re at an impass.

48U. When the galley rows away, you whisper in the captains ear that you are behind you. With lightning reflexs, he whirls on you and punches out at the bodiless voice he heard. You feel two hits, him heating you and you hitting the deck. What a punch! He is incredible strong, stronger than his frame looks. You are awoken by a bucket of water on your head. The captain tells you to tell the party to be ready to leave the ship if necessary. He looks angry, but not because of you. You hear him mutter “Upstart thinks he will step on my ship”. You go down stairs and try and sleep and learn spells.

48V. What happens:

49. Clancy yells out that the bounty is about to get away, so we know that he knows about our Sea Elf issues, and will be looking to collect 400,000gp.

50. After we kill all but one of Clancy’s guards Kelp runs out into the kitchen to chase down the last guard that disappeared in there 10 rounds ago. At the same time Harmony disables the secret front door so that Clancy’s guards can not come in from there.

51. Clancy and 6 specialist light crossbowmen wait in an ambush near the back door.

52. Kelp is shafted with 4 quarrels that deal her 18 points of damage and take her to -6, and 2 quarrels missed! Coral quickly reaches in and drags Kelp’s body out a couple of seconds later while the crossbowmen are reloading for the next round.

53. Coral also binds Kelp’s wounds and stabilises her on -6

54. We discuss for a few minutes if Mystery should cast a curative spells on Kelp and use psionics to share hit points so she is at least conscious, but Coral persuades he to hold off in case they are needed.

55. Meanwhile smoke starts billowing out from under the doors to the kitchen and the secret front door. An accelerant like oil has been used to make the fire spread faster. We open the kitchen door to find flames engulfing half of it.

56. We start dousing the fire with beer from the barrels and call the patrons hiding in the darkness over to help. The beer seems to be working and at the same time Gueststar runs into the toilets and checks out the sewer and the roof in there.

57. We decide to skip the sewer (wouldn’t pay for us to get filthy) so Guest Star starts to lift the corner roof but is peppered with light crossbow quarrels

58. Harmony uses psionics to go out of phase and walks through the wall to see what the situation is outside. Clancy and his 6 specialist light crossbowmen are at the far end of the alley ready to shoot any who come out

59. While there Harmony sees an eye peering out of a secret door at our end of the alley when a billow of heavy smoke ours out of the kitchen and obscures vision to Clancy.

60. Harmony takes cover behind the toilet wall opposite the secret door and comes back into phase and is immediately waved over by the same old guy who warned us in the speak-easy. He has a secret tunnel to get us out of there, so they both go to the back door of the speak-easy and remove the containers and crap that Clancy and his men had put there to block the door

61. Harmony phases back into the speak-easy and appraises us of the escape route.

62. The kitchen fire is finally doused by beer, mead and other piss, but the front door fire has grown so much that we no longer stand any chance of getting it out. Indeed the speak-easy now starts to go up in flames, so we tell the patrons to get out before the place burns down and they rush out the back door and up the alley.

63. We hear in disbelief the fleshy thud of lots of crossbow bolts strike flesh on the other side of the smoke and we assume that Clancy has cut a lot of the patrons down in order not to miss us. Lucky we have the old man and the escape route!

64. The party quickly duck into the secret passage with the old man and the door is closed. We travel for a good 15 minutes through man made and natural tunnels that the old man explains were smugglers tunnels

65. We arrive at a cave that opens into a very small cove and see the little girl that was helping us in the safe houses.

66. We stare at the sea and mutter that Clancy would not have arranged for the escape boat to come when the old guy tells us that Clancy did not order the boat, but he did. 20 minutes later a longboat comes in and we are rowed out to a waiting ship.

67. The ship is a sleek and fast looking vessel called the Crest Dancer, and the first mate informs us that she is a Storm Rider (because the ship and her crew sail during the storm season). There is a ballista at the bow that looks all business.

67A. The old man makes the Captain of the Crest Dancer take Oath Binder and swear an oath to see the party safe.

68. We are all hustled below decks and the Crest Dancer gets under way, slipping us away from J ackson Port and Clancy’s trap.

69. Below decks Bonswa negotiates fiercely with the captain and finally gets him to agree to divert from his planned route to go to another location in order to intercept the Resolute.

70. When asked, the Captain informs us that we are heading out to the Far Reaches of the Centaurus arm of the Tradewinds world ( J ackson Port is also on this arm, but in close to the Inner Hub).

71. There are 6 weeks of the Storm season left, and it will take us 3- 4 weeks to get to our destination. Bonswa indicates that we should intercept the Resolute before then, soon after crossing the Deep (the Deep is the name of the deepest water on the Tradewinds world) at one point.

72. Harmony asks the captain is we can visit an Island in this reach when the moon is full and he says that he will try. Harmony needs to plunge Farflown the Dagger into each of the 5 reaches to activate the 5 functions of the dagger.

73. At the mention of the dagger and also the Deep, Coral remembers that she needs to immerse Marasotte’s Staff in the Deep to activate its functions too.

74. A few days later we are allowed on deck and we notice that the reason the storms don’t throw the ship around and wreck it is that there is an area of calm around the ship while the rest of the ocean is roiling madly with storms. At the stern stands the apparent reason, a Storm Rider (a type of Druid) who is concentrating and the captain advises us to leave him be as he keeps the ship safe from the storms. We marvel at his power.

75. The captain also apologises to Harmony, the full moon passed while we were below decks and the ship was navigating a treacherous passage, but he says that it will be easy to do next month once we are further out the reach.

76. A couple of weeks pass and to while the time away we ask the old man about the Black Guard. He tells us a lot of hearsay, but we pick out the following information that may be useful (and may be true)

77. A couple of weeks later and several island trading villages we drop anchor in a bay on an island called Wuthering Island . It’s 2 days from the full moon and the captain advises that we will stay here until after the full moon and the Sea Princesses have danced naked through the grass (or whatever else we had planned). The twins (Coral and Kelp) decide to keep their scarves around their faces so no-one suspects that they are twins.

78. Wuthering Island is known for it’s pearls, so Coral gets all excited and asks the captain if he will take gold and allow her to trade his goods for the pearls. He agrees and after a few hours she has 1,500gp worth of pearls (but only paid 1,200gp). She then asks the villagers if anyone can thread them into 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings for her and as luck would have it an old woman is good at that.

79. So a day later it is the full moon and Coral is proudly wearing her new pearl necklace and earrings. That night the 4 Sea Princesses head into the centre of the island for the ceremony that will activate a power of Farflown the Dagger. The other 3 watch silently while Harmony successfully performs the ritual and she says that she can feel the increased power of the dagger [Sean to choose which power is activated and advise Ivan].

79A. The power chosen: If the wielder puts their finger through the ring on the bull’s nose and throws the dagger, the daggers hilt will unravel a spider thread thin line as it flies.

  • If a call shot is made, the dagger can wrap itself around a limb or bite into stone and stay stuck.
  • The line will hold 600pounds.
  • If the command phrase is given, the line will rewind itself unto the pommel, pulling the wielder with it (up to 300 pounds at full rate) or pulling the item to the wielder. Similar to a crossbow of angling.
  • There is no damage or discomfort done to the wielders finger in the ring.

80. The next day the ship is about to leave when the old man announces that he and his daughter will be staying to live on the island. The villagers give a cheer and seem genuinely happy that they will be staying, so after some farewells and final thanks, we head off without them. The Sea Princesses discuss them while leaning on the rail of the ship and wonder when they will find the roll of 100gp they secreted in the old man’s coat pocket while giving their farewells.

81. A couple of days later and the ship begins the crossing of the Deep. The captain advises that it is usually a 5 day journey. The seas are atrociously rough and we gaze with renewed awe as the old Storm Rider Lenovo keeps the forces of nature at bay (the ship sails in a small area of calmer water, but still rough).

82. Coral puts Marasotte’s Staff in the water of the Deep to activate its functions, but nothing happens and she decides to wait until the middle of the Deep in 2 days time to try again.

83. 2 days later and the storms still rage unabated, thank all the gods that the ship is safe within the relative calm of the druid’s spell. Coral asks Mystery to tie a rope around the staff to Coral and another rope around Coral and the captain orders a rope ladder lowered over the side so Coral can put the Staff into the Deep.

84. When Coral submerses the Staff, it grows warm and suddenly a concussive pulse radiates outwards from the Staff through the water. The other Sea Princesses are horrified to see the pulse radiate out as a circular wave of energy rushes through the water away from the ship in all directions. What evil thing might this energy inadvertently summon?

85. Coral has a smile on her face as she climbs back up on deck - she can feel the activated power of the staff through her hands. But the smile turns to a look of sheer horror as she sees the effect that the concussive force in the water has had. The concussion pulse has dispelled all active magic. You look in horror as you see the calm area of the sea shrinking and being replaced by hostile seas. The Storm Rider does not have any further spells to recast the protection, and the full wrath of the storm season ocean is turned on the Crest Dancer.

86. The boat is thrown about in the storm and great waves come crashing over the side. Two of the crew are knocked fro their feet by a wave and slide across the deck to slam into the starboard railing. The railing breaks and your trepidation turns to outright fear as you see the sailors swept into the seething Deep and then disbelief as the Storm Rider is first knocked from his feet by the violent motion of the ship and then swept towards the hole in the rail. You will him to grab the rail but as he slides towards oblivion you can see that he has been knocked unconscious by the fall and he follows the other two crew members over the side.

87. Kelp lets forth a primal scream “nooooooo!” and ignoring her self-preservation (DM Note: my arse! This is Andrew’s description, however, this is how it really happened: A cold calculating gleam enters Andrew’s eye as he realises this may be a way to charge up the rapier!) grabs the nearest rope and starts running along the deck to where the bodies can just be seen in the roiling ocean. While running she knots a rope around her waist as best she can (she does not have rope use but ignores the enormous risk she is taking) and then yells at Harmony and Gueststar to grab the rope as she runs past. At the edge of the deck Kelp hurls herself into the Deep in a desperate attempt to save the Storm Rider and sailors from certain death.

88. As she hits the freezing water her knot holds (first die roll), but as Gueststar dives for the wet rope it slips through his hands (second die roll), but Harmony gets her hands on the rope just as the end starts to slither to wards the edge and gritting her teeth as it burns her hands, stops it before it goes over the side.

89. Meanwhile Kelp has swum to the first body, a sailor who is conscious (3 rd die roll), and yells for him to hold the rope but let it pay out as she swims out. He manages to hear her over the storm (4 th roll) and does as he is instructed.

90. Kelp then swims on to the Storm Rider Lenovo, who has not died yet (5 th roll), and manages to catch him before he goes under (6 th roll). She quickly ties the rope around him and then drags him to the last sailor whom she also grabs (7 th roll) and then swims back to the ship with the help of Harmony and Gueststar on the rope. Lucky she is a Sea Elf!

91. On the deck, the druid is still unconscious and possibly not breathing, added to which it becomes apparent that his arm is badly shattered. After a Healing proficiency check (8 th roll), a cure light wounds and a cure moderate wounds, the druid’s colour returns but the arm is going to need stronger magic. Kelp tries to set it a few times but gives up when it appears that she might kill the old guy in the process (2 failed rolls). The other 2 sailors are also alive and grateful.

92. While she is tending the three, Kelp feels a warm glow on her hip and notes that Fairwind the Rapier is warm. Kelp’s heroism was worthy of Fairwind’s memory and as a result Rapier now has a level of power. Kelp gets her own warm glow – Fairwind the Rapier can now change into any sword Kelp desires.

93. The storm and the waves toss the Crest Dancer around like a toy. It is almost impossible to move around deck without being swamped by a wave. You and the crew are only stopped being washed overboard by of your safety lines. Without the benefit of Lenovo’s weather control spells the ship is now in danger of sinking. Then the safety lines will help no one. Those not on deck are in a bucket chain trying to bail out the lower decks.

94. Above the roar of the storm, a cry is heard from one of the mates at the bow of the ship. You can’t make out what is being said. You battle your way to the bow to find out what is happening. You are standing a few feet from the shouting mate and you still cannot hear him.

95. He grabs your arm and points out to port “There” you hear him shout. In the distance sky you can see what looks like a sun beam. As you strain your eyes you see that it’s not a beam but an area of the sea that seems to be out of the storm. Maybe it is land! You tell the Captain who shouts barely audible orders to the crews. After a few minutes the Crest Dancer has changed its cause to the area of calm.

96. You stand at the bow waiting to see what is ahead. You brace yourself against the constant bombardment of waves. Several times you are knocked over. How far away this area of calm was, you cannot guess. It must be close as the storm seems to be getting brighter.

97. All of sudden, the ship sails into calm waters. It is a relief to your systems. The ship has entered a 500 fee radius area of calm seas. In fact, the weather in this area is perfect for sailing. There is a constant breeze coming from the South East. The temperature is warm and the sun starts to gently dry your damp clothes. It is a sailor’s heaven. One of the crew fails to his knees and starts crying. “We must be dead. This is the after life”. One of the more mentally sturdy crew tells s him to get it together. You take a moment to enjoy being out of the storm.

98. The moment of reflection is broken by the Second Mate “This could be trouble”.

99. Dead centre of the calm is a Ship of the Line. No where near as big as the Resolute. It looks sleek and fast but it is still definitely a fighting ship. You look for its colour. From the top of the mast flies a blood red flag with a black heart centre. The second mate gasps and then calls out to the captain “Pirates Sir! It’s the Black Heart”.

100. The captain calls the crew to arms. The crew are near breaking point. Two weeks in Storm seas while crossing the Deep has left their nerves shattered. Ten minutes of tense stand off passes. There seems to be no action happening on the other ship. In fact something is out of place. The sails of the other ship flap chaotically as if unattended.

101. The Captain calls the Second Mate and the party two his cabin.

102. The captain asks for opinions. He thinks it is suspicious that the pirates haven’t acted as yet. There is a possibility that the ship has been abandoned. Whatever has happened to the Black Heart is using magic that is keeping away the storms. The Crest Dancer either needs that magic or to stay within its protection.

103. He asks the party to act as emissaries to the pirates. Negotiate for protection and safe passage for the ship to the Shallows. The captain has markers for 20,000gp held in J ackson port that he will sign over to the pirates if they help.. If the ship is abandoned, see if it salvageable, if not find the storm nullifying magic (usually it is a magical band around the base of the mast). If it is salvageable, he offers to split the profits with the party 50/50.

104. While we discuss the offer, a long boat is lowered and made ready.

105. Do we dare set foot on the pirate ship, and what caused it to be left abandoned in the Deep?