Tradewinds - Masters of the sea

A campaign by Ivan Mason.

There are many islands, some have formed loose confederacies to make mini nations. The life blood of the civilisations is trade. Many merchant houses exist, many have rose to the status of mini nations (like Artedies and Harkenon in Dune). There are many races and cultures. Some live in peace and some are at war. Within a particular cultures there are rival powers. One merchant family may bare a grudge against another family.

The world extends to four or five main reaches, spiraling out like a star fish. Between each reach is the open waters known as "the deep waters", where monsters of the deep and horrendous storms make it dangerous to travel. Most people travel the "safe waters". There are few monsters and calmer waters but pirates and rival factions are the dangers here. At times to travel the safe way takes much, much longer than taking the deep waters. Some use this fact to create strongholds at strategic points, much like the robber barons of the European rivers. Some areas are difficult to navigate and the services of a pilot may be used. These people have extensive local knowledge and make their money from it. Navigational charts are like gold, or should I say spell books. They are a closely guarded secret by most navigators. Be able to get somewhere the fastest and safest can make a captain rich and famous.

Many make their living of the land, but many take to the seas to make their fortune. Money can be made by trade or by prize money. Many a pauper has become a noble by making his fortune at seas. Captains who have a good reputation for prize money and trade will always attract crew. Many people serve a captain with the hopes of saving enough prize money and pay to finance their own ship and crew. The less adventurous will buy a ship and hire a captain and crew. Money can still be made this way. A person who makes a name for themselves as a leader and an adventurer has a better chance of attracting a commission. The possibility are endless but all have consequences. A hired captain has to answer to the owner. A stolen ship (not taken as a prize) may attract retribution form the owner. But you are adventurers and if you wanted an easy live you would have stayed at home.


Game Summaries

13 April 2012 - Module 3: The Rackma Gambit (The Enclave Smackdown)

9-10 April 2011 - Module 3: The Rackma Gambit (Where are those beasts coming from?)

2-4 January 2011 - Module 3: The Rackma Gambit (A whalebone mast for the Sea Pearl)

16-18 April 2010 - Modue 2: Secrets of the Black Heart Part 3 - The Curse of Ardek [not final version]

2 January 2010 - Modue 2: Secrets of the Black Heart Part 2

24-26 April 2009 - Modue 2: Secrets of the Black Heart (now V0.4 18 May 10)

8 September 2007 - Modue 1: The Tradegy at the Star Pearl Temple




Priest of Corellon Lorethian

Coral Brighfrond

Priestess of Athena


Fighter Thief

Kelp Brighfrond

Fighter Mage


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