Game summary of 7-10 January 2006

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Baron Ballard

Baron Crayon

Baron Cadra


Air Marshall Palmerin

Q Featherhammer

Inside Rahotep’s Tomb

5 Richfest, CY 577, Rahotep’s Tomb

1                    You are in what appears to be a shrine to Rahotep, somewhere near the entrance to the tomb.

2                    Dispelling the magic on the seal, you open the red and black Wooden Shrine in the centre of the room, and decide to stack it against the wall.  Inside are 3 foot high demonic statues made of stone covered with gold leaf and a very large granite sarcophagus.  Ballard also relocates the statues over next to the wall, and to make sure they don’t come alive and attack you, he ties them up with a “steel Ballard” (must be a hard knot to get undone).

3                    Q gets to work on the sarcophagus, and ends up chipping a small hole in the corner of it with hammer and piton to sneak a look inside.  There is no gas or anything, so you break the mortar and Q, Cadra and Ballard move the lid into the adjoining room out of the way (its very heavy).  Inside is another sarcophagus, made of Porphyry, which the three of you also move into the adjoining room.  You open this and find a wooden sarcophagus inside with a picture of Rahotep on the lid.

4                    Ballard opens the wooden sarcophagus and a mummy with a golden mask jumps out lightening quick, surprising Ballard.  While he is astonished the mummy hooks it’s Pharaoh’s Crook onto his upper left arm, and Ballard tries unsuccessfully to dislodge it.  The thing then proceeds to electrocute Ballard through the Crook causing significant damage, and at one point was going to melt the Cuirass of Hapy, until Ballard uses a character point to re-roll the saving throw.

5                    The mummy also spits scarab beetles onto Hellyeah, but when the black beetle hits his skin, it seems to vaporise and the vapors seep into the pores in his skin.  The beetle vapors are obviously mind affecting though, as he casts his next spell on a different person than he intended to (lucky it wasn’t a lightening bolt or fireball).

6                    You notice that Hellyeah’s eyes bulge as he looks at the Crook and Flail that the thing uses.  Later on he confides that it’s was not because of the risk of injury, but because of the colour!  Blue is the colour of death used in Hellyeah's mysterious realm of origin, so he has a intense aversion to the colour - and the Crook and Flail are made of Blue and Gold!  Thank god the mummy did not spit a blue scarab beetle on him (although Hellyeah has no time for god-bothering, he puts his trust and thanks in chance).

7                    As you hit the mummy, you notice that gems and amulets fall from it’s wrappings.  After you eventually destroy this lightening quick mummy, Q asks Ballard to hit him in the face (Q noticed that Ballard got hit by a black scarab beetle), and Ballard successfully complies, thinking that it can’t harm the dwarf’s appearance.

8                    Rubbing his sore face, Q then proceeds to unravel the mummy looking for more treasure, even though Medinet warns him that he’ll get the mummy-rot disease.  Not finding anything further, Q puts the shrivelled corpse and wrappings into the wooden sarcophagus, then you carry the wooden sarcophagus out to the ledge in the sun and Palmerin calls down the sun (a cool spell) to cleanse it with fire.  At the same time Medinet casts a Cure Disease on Q.  Hellyeah gingerly takes down one of his Immovable Rods, leaving the other 3 where they are to hold the door open.

9                    Exploring further, you find a well in a very small chamber off the main hall. Expecting a trap, you think it looks like a cistern, and Cadra suggests that it may be an acid trap that Rahotep had vague/mysterious warnings about. Crayon casts Acid Resistance on Q, who investigates and deliberately tries to set off the trap. Q gets splashed with a little bit of acid when the time-delayed trap goes off, sending a large amount of acid from a hidden compartment in the roof down the well.  You then send Ballard down the 120 well on a rope (with a backup Levitation from Hellyeah) to investigate.  There’s nothing but acid down there though.

10                Not knowing where to go next, and having searched a fair bit, Crayon becomes a temporary Genius (spell) and concludes that the passage you are after must have been walled up and hidden behind the plaster.

11                You start a destructive test on all the walls you have seen since entering, smashing the plaster off the wall with hammers and other weapons, looking for secret doors.  Still not finding anything you do an Augury to see if knocking a hole in the wall of the room where the lightening quick mummy’s sarcophagus came will benefit the party, the answer is affirmative.

12                Crayon estimates that it will take a couple of days to get through the wall. Cadra ignores him and starts hitting the wall with his hammer (it’s not his magical one), and after 10 strokes the hammer breaks, but he’s made a dent in the wall.  Continuing, he ends up smashing a 3 foot diameter hole in the 6 foot thick wall, revealing steps going down on the other side.  Crayon suggests that Cadra should be sent to the Pogrom Island Athorite mines to work. Q is reluctant to go down the stairs when asked, preferring to rest up and then go. He finally agrees to go down to check it out and learns the hard way that he should listen to his instincts. When he is half way down you all feel an icy tingling of fear along your spine, and Q breaks into a sweat, has feeling of nausea in the gut, and goes weak in the knees, as if a plague has passed briefly through his body.  You all hear the following whispered in your mind:

“Four false portals the fifth way found.  That is nine. I am nine as well.  So now do I thus curse you for your temerity. You seek me, my secrets and treasure? You shall find it and me in death!  Soon now you will join Rahotep, but you will be His slaves.”

13                A black shadow quickly sneaks through the stone door, and Q goes back up the stairs.  Cadra uses a granted power to block the hole with a Wall of Stone so you can all have a rest and relearn spells.  You decide to be cautious and:

(a)                Medinet casts a Remove Curse on Q;

(b)               Cadra casts a Remove Curse on Ballard;

(c)                Palmerin casts a Remove Curse on Medinet

(d)               Crayon casts a Remove Curse on Cadra.

6 Richfest, CY 577, Rahotep’s Tomb

14                After almost 11 hours of rest and study, you are ready to face the steps and whatever lies beyond.  You cast heaps of spells in preparation, culminating in Hellyeah calling down too much energy to cast Fools Speech, resulting in the disappearance of the large sarcophagi into the magical ether - never to be seen again!

15                Cadra and Ballard bash down Cadra’s wall of stone, and you all go down the steps thinking of the curse that was uttered 11 hours ago.  Q checks out the door for traps and takes the lead in the passageway beyond.  He’s not gone 20 feet before he and Ballard fall into a hidden pit trap (even though you had magically scanned the place for traps).  Luckily Ballard managed to grab the lip of the pit as he fell and quickly hauls himself back out, but he’s no longer speaking in Hellyeah’s Fools Speech (does that imply that Hellyeah is a fool?), and all of the other spells he had on him are gone too - it must be an anti-magic pit - bugger!

16                Meanwhile Q lies in the bottom of the 40 foot pit, having hit the floor heavily while acquiring an antique spike that is now protruding from his abdomen.  He’s moaning a fair bit when he realises that the spikes he missed have a dried up poison on top of them.  He’s pretty sure he should be resistant to the poison, but starts demanding very loudly that someone get him out of there when he sees some nice hieroglyphs on the wall and immediately breaks into a sweat, has feeling of nausea in the gut, and goes weak in the knees, as if a plague has passed briefly through his body again!

17                Cadra asks Q to check out the hieroglyphs. Q tells him to f**k off and get him the hell out of the pit. Q thinks to himself that Cadra has his priorities wrong, which is confirmed later in the day when Cadra disregards the possability of treasure, saying "it's only money". A rope is lowered down and Q climbs out of the pit, allowing Medinet to be lowered down on a rope to read the hieroglyphs .  He deciphers them as meaning (Khonsue translates because Medinet is no longer speaking in Hellyeah’s Fools Speech):

“Now the power of Rahotep bestows it’s Second Great Curse upon the jackals who prowl his eternal house”.

18                Once everyone is up, you press on down the white plastered passage to the intersection, where Q and Ballard both narrowly avoid the trap when it opens (bloody spell didn’t see that one either and Q starts mumbling about useless magic and how things need to be done the old fashioned way for success…

19                Crayon suggests lowering Khonsue down this pit because he speaks common and you will understand him when he deciphers the hieroglyphs .  He is about 15 feet down the pit reading the hieroglyphs when a huge slab of stone (10 foot x 10 foot x 10 foot) falls from the ceiling, cutting the rope and making Khonsue very very flat (he doesn’t survive the ordeal).  Looking down on the now shallower pit, you can see a 4 feet wide x 7 feet tall passage in the side of the pit that wasn’t there before.  Medinet regrets Khonsue’s demise, but nevertheless he thanks Crayon for it not being him down there.

20                Q grumbles about having the most dangerous job and starts climbing down the sandstone wall of the pit to investigate, with his eyes closed so as not to trigger another falling block.  But with no vision the smooth sandstone walls cause him to slip and he falls 20 feet to the bottom.  He’s just about to go into he passage when he sees some nice hieroglyphs on the wall just inside the passage.  He tries to close his eyes, but it’s too late, and he once again breaks into a sweat, has feeling of nausea in the gut, and goes weak in the knees, as if a plague has passed briefly through his body!  Swearing long and hard he goes in to check out the secret passage and finds it ends in a plaster wall.

21                You hear Q coming back up the secret passage still swearing about curses.  But as he climbs up the last part of the wall out of the pit, you can’t help smiling when he slips and falls back in.  You hear him hit the bottom with a heavy thud and he starts cursing again, but louder.  Someone whispers a comment about all dwarven appendages being stubby, but all look innocent when Cadra scowls to see who’s it was.  Muttering a stream of curses under his breath, Q once again climbs the wall of the pit, but at the same spot he looses his grip and falls back in again.  Medinet snickers, Q lets loose some of the foulest language you have heard in years, and Ballard tosses down the end of a rope to save him from repeating the blunt force trauma yet again.

22                From the top Q briefs you on what he has found and you decide to use a rope to lower Hellyeah down into the pit.  Once there he sends a lightening bolt up the narrow passage to blow the back wall away - it’s a success.  You also lower Medinet to cast a Reduce on the block and Hellyeah casts one too.  This shrinks the stone so you can see Khonsue’s very flat legs.  You can see his equipment has also been destroyed by the stone.  Medinet checks out those nice sets of hieroglyphs and says that the ones in the pit and the ones in the passage say respectively:

“Behold the spirit of Rahotep which brings down the violators of the Eternal House of that Great One, His Third vexation”.

“Fools and robbers! Thus you invoke the Fourth Curse of Rahotep upon yourselves. Better to have died unborn than suffer thus.”

23                Before you explore further down below, you decide to check out the end of the passage above the pit that just cries out “secret door” to you.  There is indeed one there, and Hellyeah casts a Knock to open it.  Peeking through you see an extravagant room with 9 columns, and quickly close the door - you aren’t ready for Rahotep yet.  After a quick discussion, Medinet casts an Augury: “Will we benefit if we enter this room?”.  The answer is:

Other plane creatures

Climb ladders to destruction

Gold burnishes

24                Crayon casts a True Seeing spell which shows him the two secret doors in the biggest column, and a nebulas evil in the same vicinity. Q closes the door while the party argues about going in, and you decide to go back down the pit and check out the narrow passage first.

25                At the entrance you find yourselves in the top 10 feet of a 30 feet wall with the usual white plaster everywhere.  Q is in his spider harness, and dangles down from the roof to look through the top of an archway while staying out of site.  Using his infravision he sees a large heat source about 60 feet away and decides to investigate. Before he goes anywhere, he drinks a Levitation potion, and is used like a balloon for the rest of the party to get down into the room quietly.

26                You all decide to get into the room and silently ready for combat.  It turns out to be a demon sitting on a 15 feet high throne in his throne room, and with deep rumbles of humor, it speaks to Q and two others that have moved into the hallway. It introduces itself as Dispatcher, Lord of the City of Dis, and Father of Darkness.

27                It mentions already converting a priesthood to the east of here, and although he’s calm on the outside, Crayon wonders about this comment. It also suggests that Rahotep is just a fiction, and that the one who was a priest-wizard now fries on the floor of his domain in Hell.  He congratulates you on your ability to get this far and offers you one of three options:

(a)                come into his service as Knights and Nobels, with all the worlds riches, although this would include certain duties;

(b)               he will make you immortal and give you a fiefdom in his realm (Hell) with lands, estates and servants therein (whereupon Cadra expresses his disdain of gifts that deny others their freedom);

(c)                great mounds of treasure spill out from panels in the side of the throne and he offers you your pick and as much as you can carry and he will transport you to the surface if you swear never to come here again.

28A      Dispatcher then spoke to Q, asking him his name and titles. Q only gave him the "bird". He then spoke to Cadra, asking the same thing. Cadra gave him is name and stated that his most important title was that of Dwarf! Dispatcher then commanded Cadra to join him but he was rebuffed by the stout dwarf.

28                You all start advancing on the creature that is still some 60 feet away.  Palmerin starts casting a spell and after about 5 seconds of obviously watching Palmerin, the thing lifts its hand a starts casting it’s own spell at Palmerin.  Palmerin stops, assuming that the thing will stop also, but a lightning bolt shoots from it’s hand to strike the party.  Thinking you are in serious trouble, Palmerin considers using his Candle of invocation to gate in the Avatar of Heironeous, but decides to try for Byron the Redeemer (a Paladin he knows from way back) instead.  Byron answers the call and steps through the magic gate to help.

29                Medinet then attempts to Turn the thing, and what do you know, it retreats from the name of Anubis to the back corner of the room.  From here it goes gaseous and disappears through the wall. At the same time the majority of the treasure from the throne also disappears.

30                While Ballard and Byron catch up on old times (they are on guard you know) - you search the room and find a secret door in the 2 foot gap behind the throne, and a sliding panel in the foot of the throne that contains 3 hieroglyphs: an eye, a scorpion, and a heart. The party try 3 Dispel Magic spells on them to no avail. Q stepped up to disarm them the traditional way. ZAP! a green bolt of energy springs from the top of the throne aimed to hit him in the eye. Luckily the magical bolt rolls off him like water off a ducks back - magic resistance! Crayon decides to consult the wisdom of Essencia again (Augury) and get the following reply:

"Crayon my Prophet, you will not profit by pressing one of those buttons"

31                The hieroglyphs behind the panel turn out to be trapped, so you magically open the secret door to reveal a room full of bones and two arches which are obviously portals to somewhere.  After being bitten by lots of little spiders, Q finds gold pendants of little bats in the first alcove. Medinet casts Cure Poison on Q just in case, and Hellyeah uses a Burning Hands to burn all the webs and spiders in both alcoves and finds silver pendants in the second alcove. You all start discussing which pendant you should use in which gateway. Q throws a skull at both portals with a combinations of pendants attached, but the skulls just bounce off the walls. Getting tired of all this fruitless activity, Cadra puts on a golden pendant, puts a silver pendant in his pocket and steps into one of the archways. Q learnt his lesson about listening to Cadra back when he was first cursed though, so he lets Cadra go through alone.

32                Cadra gets the shock of his life when he ends up in a very dim room with 7 vampires, 6 of them very good looking, well endowed naked females.  Needless to say Cadra is surprised - you could take your eye out on one of those things!  He tries to back up but the portal doesn’t work.  While he’s taking it all in so to speak, the vamps all beguilingly tell him that he must sleep.  His soft spot for brunettes gets him in trouble, since he is able to resist the command of all the others, but not her…

33                In some other place Crayon’s Sacred Guardian spell is telling him that Cadra is in big trouble, and he quickly warns the party of what appears to have transpired.  The next few minutes are chaotic;

(a)                the party all done the gold pendant and move to the gate;

(b)               with great speed two of the vamps who are so close they are almost on top of him do indeed jump him, but as the first goes to sink her fangs into his neck she is thrown back as a positive energy white light flashes (Negative Plane Protection spell);

(c)                ignoring the first, the second of the two vamps gets her fangs in and Cadra’s life force starts being drained away 2 levels at a time.  The other vamps all move in to get some action;

(d)               the party starts arriving through the portal, but with the crowd in the area it’s not an orderly arrival. Q, Byron, Cadra and the vamp all going down in a mess of limbs, and Medinet has his staff accidentally knocked out of his hands;

(e)                Palmerin and Ballard get overborne as soon as they get through, and struggle on the cold floor with vamp chicks who want to suck their blood.  Two vamps try to overbear Medinet, but he shrugs them off;

(f)                 Ballard, Crayon and Byron are all told to “sleep”, but only Ballard is affected by their charms, dropping for a quick snooze;

(g)                Although overborne, Palmerin manages to Turn the vamp on him, and gets back up, while Medinet Turns 3 of them.  Hellyeah (who has come through the top of the portal with a Levitate) holds one of them fast with Hold Undead.  It turns to gas, but is still trapped, and when he uses Gust of Wind to disperse the gas, it does not work!;

(h)                during the melee the vamp chick continues to suck the life out of Cadra, draining him of 6 levels before Q and Byron dispatch her (this leaves him a lesser dwarf of 6th fighter/6th cleric);

(i)                  many other things happen in the combat, but in the end, 3 vamp chicks escape from the opposite portal, but the rest are blocked from this escape by a Wall of Fire cast by Hellyeah.  Some vamps are toasted, but in the end all the dead ones return to their coffins.

(j)                  after the combat Crayon admits that he failed to Turn the vamp chicks, and he sadly notes that it broke his 100% success rate for Turning.

34                Opening the stone coffins, you find the sleeping bodies of the vamps that were killed.  Sharpening up some torches Cadra was carrying, you steak them all through the heart and then cut off their heads.  In one of the coffins you find the Seal of the Shadow – one of the Nine Evil Objects that you need to destroy Rahotep.  There is also a copy of the Seal in the coffin, which you smash against the wall in a sack, breaking it into little pieces which Q carries with him. All the stone coffins are also smashed to prevent any vamps returning later to regenerate.

35                Palmerin uses his personal scroll of Greater Restoration to return Cadra to the level he was before he was drained, and in return Cadra swears a life-debt to Palmerin, suggesting that he could advocate for Palmerin to become a full Baron.  With wonder in his eyes, Palmerin looks to Ballard, who agrees to support the claim, and then the Crayon who says that this is not the time to be talking politics and that you should discuss it later (diplomatically trying to avoid the subject).

36A           Cadra and Q go through the portal opposite where the party entered and find themselves back in the bone room. They go back to the vampire room and tell the party of the destination.

36                Once again pulling tracking abilities out of his arse, Ballard, accompanied by Cadra (Q offered but Crayon suggested Cadra go because of the Sacred Guardian) tracks the 3 missing vamps through the west arch portal, into the bone room, and then into the demon’s throne room where they are ambushed.  Once again Crayon’s Sacred Guardian tells him Cadra is in trouble and he opens a Dimension fold to the throne room as others run through the gate to that location.

37                Two of the vamps beseech Ballard to protect them, so he tries an overbear and pin attack on the dwarf, who shrugs him off, and does 17HP damage in an attack of opportunity - trying to knock Ballard over with the Hammer of the Iron Hills.  Next Ballard begins blocking Cadra’s blows on the closest vamp chick (including a critical hit - thinks Ballard).

38                Crayon has stepped through his Dimension Fold and now Turns the 2 other chicks, one of which Byron then kills.  Hellyeah also passes through the Dimension Fold, but decides against using a Lightening Bolt as it might rebound unpredictably from the columns.  He does an un-luck instead, but there is a wild surge of magic when he casts the spell, and you can see the vamp chick becoming dizzy.

39                Two of the chicks are permanently slain, their smoke forms blowing apart like a cool Buffy scene, while the third goes gaseous and escapes.  You follow the gas, and it goes back to the original vamp room, and then uses another of the portals in that room when she finds her coffin destroyed.  You try to follow, but the portal does not work for you, regardless of the pendant combinations.

40                Before you move out again, Crayon takes the piss out of Ballard for so readily being controlled by the vamps, especially since he has always said he has a strong will.  Crayon’s memorable quote was:

“Those wobbling, nipple protruding, breasts of the vampires must be strangely hypnotic”.

41                Crayon does a speak with dead to the male vampire, to extract information about the Tomb in general, but it’s obvious that the dead vampire did not want to be disturbed, twisting his words as much as possible.  The dead thing threatens Crayon with the wrath of the underworld and dire retribution if he tries to contact the vamp again.  Crayon appears nonplussed, and puts the head into a sack to be thrown about by Q as he explores the side passages, and find they are magical teleportation traps. Q has to admire the simple genius of this trap. He hopes there may be time when he can come back and study them.

42                Going back to the room with the narrow passage up in the air, you look for secret doors by testing to destruction.  The plaster is 3 feet thick, but you do find a steel bolt with an eyelet in the end in one corner under the plaster.  You try everything, but get nowhere and decide to go back to where the lightening quick mummy was to rest and relearn spells (picking up a bit of Khonsue for a resurrection along the way).

43                When you get there, you move the sarcophagus to block the hole in the wall, and try to seal it up against vamp smoke by wetting down plaster and forcing it into the gaps.

44A           Crayon sits on the floor and reverently pulls a cloth bundle from his backpack.  He reverently unfolds the cloth to reveal a small chest which he tells you is the artifact known as the Hand of Essencia (it’s about 1 foot x 1/2 foot x 1/2 foot big).  Crayon goes into a mystical trance before opening the Hand of Essencia, and a mist flows out from the open box across the floor.

Ask the Hand of Essencia.

The creature that we perceived as the arch devil Dispatcher, said that the legend of Rahotep was being used as a cover. Have we been misguided in our thinking that the true threat is the rising of Set Rahotep? Set Rahotep is an actual entity.

If the front entrance to this tomb (where we placed three immovable rods) is allowed to close, is it possible to dimension fold out of this tomb? Don’t know.

44B           Medinet Rresurrects Khonsue, who while very happy to be alive again, says that he now has a serious phobia of enclosed spaces. He vows to stick to the open spaces for the rest of his life, and apologises that he will no longer be able to help you in the Tomb of Rahotep.

7 Richfest, CY 577, Rahotep’s Tomb

44                Having rested and learnt spells for 18 1/2 hours you are once again ready to go.  Crayon uses the Hand of Essencia to Commune with Essencia, learning the following.

1)      the room we believe to be the nine pillars room, is that the room we must destroy the nine evil objects in? NO. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE IN THE ROOM.

2)      Does portal 6 exit onto the prime material plane? YES

3)      Does Portal seven exit onto the prime material plane? YES

4)      Does Portal four exit onto the prime material plane. YES

5)      Do the portals 6 & 7 require one of the magic pendants to be worn to allow access? YES

6)      Do the portals 2 & 4 require one of the magic pendants to be worn to allow access? NO ( Crayon realised that he had asked an ambiguous question and would advise not relying on this piece of information).

7)      Does Portal 2 exit out of any of  the above mention portals. NO

8)      Is there unexplored corridors, intersections or rooms past either portals 8 or 9? NO

9)      Is there any secret passages, magical portals or blocked exits in the room that contains the eyed spike in the wall? YES (we later found a two foot by two foot corridor hidden in the plaster)

10)  Will wearing the wrong pendant when attempting entry to any of the portals have a negative effect. (negative does not include the attempt simply not working). YES

46                Crayon decides to go back to Pogrom Island to drop off some gear and Khonsue while people study.  But when he tries to open a Dimension Fold back to the Island, it does not work.  He goes outside to the ledge to try again, and it works.

47                When he does open the Dimension Fold, the temple guard gives him some kind of salute that looks like a snake slithering vertically.  Remembering the false demon’s boast, he decides to investigate, but it turns out that the current priests in charge of the Cathedral have implemented the new salute which represents the river being diverted by the tree.  They introduced it to be different to other chest banging salutes, and so they can recognise each other from afar – discrete signals just don’t cut it from far away.

48                Crayon visits Sky Keep, waking up Stephen Bookbind to get a sit-rep (it’s very early in the morning).  Stephen fills him in:

(a)                some problems in the harbour area that now have more troops assigned;

(b)               some of Adestra’s mages are a bit strange, but they mostly keep to themselves in the tower, or in the new buildings in the Castle;

(c)                there are plenty of admin tasks for the Barons, with several weeks worth of petitions and other work backed up.

49                Crayon leaves, after spending some 3 hours with his priesthood meditating.  They seem very pleased to have him back – he is the inspiration and driving force of the church, and they miss his guidance.  He Dimension Folds back to the ledge outside Rahotep's tomb, and then rejoins the group inside.

50                The rest finish studying and are ready to go so you move down to the room with 9 Columns, and Hellyeah opens it again with a Knock.  Thinking that it’s not likely to be the final resting place of Rahotep, you go inside, and Medinet casts a Locate Object to determine that the Netherladder is indeed in the shrine area of this room.

51                Hellyeah uses a scroll to summon an Invisible Stalker to open the sarcophagi and get out whatever is inside.  It sets off a trap Crayon had found by magic and a large demon appears.  Medinet warns everyone not to say it’s name aloud, just in case!

52                It seems to be real enough, but does not attack you directly, rather hitting the urns of gold, which in turn hit you with shrapnel.  Palmerin calls down the power of Heironeous to dispel the evil demon (granted power), but as hard as he tries, he can not find a space in the combat to get at the demon. As you slay the beast, you comment on it’s lack of determination to kill you, and postulate that it was not here of it’s own free will.  That means Rahotep can summon and keep Demons, which may not be a comforting thought.  Hellyeah uses another knock to open the secret doors.

53                In the secret doors, Ballard finds a staircase that goes up and a set of 4 bronze rings and 4 dark iron bracelets.  Q is not so keen to just go up though, and asks that you consult the gods. An Augury says "only the foolhardy rush into death". You decide not to go up the stairs, but instead travel back down the pit to that room with the steel rod and eyelet.  Crayon’s Commune said there was a secret door in there and you intend to find it.

54                You get down there and start looking again.  Hellyeah casts Levitate on Cadra, who starts destructive testing higher on the wall by using the immovable rod as an anchor. Q eyes that rod again, and drool dribbles down his chin - he thinks that the immovable rod has contributed so much to the party that it should get it's own share of the treasure!  Above the other steel bolt with an eyelet he finds another identical one in the next 10 feet.  Then, as he is smashing the plaster with a hammer, a small hole appears and a 2 foot x 2 foot tunnel is revealed.  Continuing to destructive test, you also find a steel bolt with an eyelet in the roof.

What will you do now