My Lords and Ladies

Ballard                         Crayon                        Cadra                          Kidzje                   Niahm

Barons of Pogrom Island—Situation Report for Queen of Lies—20 September 2003

A.         After the return from JamaPlain with Neferkare and Menkare there was much celebration. The populace of Pogrom Island welcomed back their much loved Lords with exuberant celebrations. Sky Castle came alive with joy. They’ve come to love their exotic leaders.

B.         Many people had gained the experience they needed to enhance their skills:

C.         The Barons divided the island up so each owns a seperate bit and made plans for each part.

D.         The Barons also drew up the Constitution of Pogrim Island and are currently reviewing it prior to acceptance. They also set up an Atherite Mining Contract with a group of dwarves from the Iron Hills, the “IronForge” clan, of which Cadra Sledgehammer is the spokesman.

1.                  Crayon had established a church in Scant and had Larze and Alison running it, using the Beacon of Essencia, a holy artefact.  The church was prospering, there had even been a of the Arrows of Righteousness.

2.                  One night a band of Dark Elves (Drow) abducted most the priests and some of the congregation, making no effort to cover their tracks.  The rest of the people praying were killed.  Larze and 8 other of Crayon’s followers, the Beacon of Essencia, the Arrows of Righteousness, and 16 converts to Essencia were dragged off into the sewers.  Crayon gave chase, killing two before they disappeared through the sewers.  After chasing the filthy Drow for 20 gruelling hours, Crayon opened a dimensional fold and sought the aid of his fellow Barons on Pogrom Island.

3.                  They then went to Scant where Rhescan Amberlord told them of Ul-Drakkan, an old underground fortress which the Drow House Vrama have revived.  From an escaped Drow slave (Thensia) staying with Reschan you learnt:

·        leader of Ul-Drakkan is a dark elf priestess was Alevolenz, who had a male consort who was a sorcerer.

·        the central of the three towers of the fortress was for the powerful elite Drow.

4.                  Reinforced with some 15 elvan guards, 5 of Niahm’s “people”, two of Ballard’s followers, and 3 of Crayon’s followers, the party descended through the sewers and underground cave system to find Ul-Drakkan.  Ballard followed the tracks for more than 70 hours.  The trip was uneventful aside from Ballard’s little problem with fishing…

5.                  First contact was about 4 days from the surface, a Drow ambush in a 250 foot long cavern through which a river flowed.  Over 30 dark elves and bugbears attacked from several rocky ledges and other elves riding small dinosaurs came out of a cave.  You slew these creatures with only a few burn marks, but at least they weren’t from that mad bugger Kidzje.  Although as Crayon said later, Kidzje did “pull your asses out of the fire” by taking out the two spell casters with his beloved fire.

6.                  The party continued on and after another 5 days (9 days from the surface) the party are passing through a long cave are attacked from a stone Guard Tower suspended 100 feet in the air by gigantic spider webs.  Kidzje showed his true colours when in his dark angel form he flew up to attack the Tower from the air.  When it appears that Ballard, Cadra and Palmerin can not take the battle to the enemy, Crayon conjures a giant and using their belief in Essencia, the fighters are raised to the Tower.  Unfortunately Ballard is poisoned by one of the Giant Spiders and cocooned up for later eating.  The combined might of the party wins the day though and the dark elf priestess Quirilash is captured barely alive.  Ballard is freed from the webs and searching the Tower, you found a crystal sphere in the temple of a spider goddess.  Kidzje warns the party not to go into the webs above the roof of the Tower, as he feels a strong and dangerous presence there.

7.                  After more than 9 days underground and with the cloying smell of blood in the air, the party consider whether to push on or piss it all off.  Crayon looks cross…  Niahm has always been afraid of spiders, and seeing a Giant Spider and then a shrine to a spider goddess is enough to turn her blood cold (and that’s hard when she’s next to Kidzje).  She decides that turning back is the only way to keep her sanity, especially as the Drow appear to have a strong connection to spiders.  Kidzje also decides to leave, he’s been white as a sheet for a few days now and you’ve seen him looking at the walls and roof as if they are about to fall in, he’s got an iron will, but thinks that being this far underground is unnatural.

8.                  Once again Crayon folds space and causes a portal to Sky Castle to appear.  The toll on the lesser experienced people has been high and the remaining followers are sent back to safety and Quirilash is also sent through bound and gagged.  None of them look happy to be going but as Silverberry (Ballard’s trainee ranger) quotes “do as I say, no what I do”.  Niahm’s people seem to have a death wish as Raphael decides to stay regardless of the danger, providing someone who can open locks.