Pogrom Island game reports

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The 3 Seals of the Elder God
1-3 January 2012 — Activating the Tear, enter the dragon, Ballard's return, keepers of divinity!

(don’t look if you have not played this module by Necromancer Games)

See the map of Khemit
18 January 2009— The destruction of Rahotep
4 January 2008 — Getting close in Rahotep's tomb
23 March 2007 — I fought the dwarf and the dwarf won...
17 February 2007 — Rahotep's tomb - the battle continues
29 December 2006 — Closing in on Rahotep in his tomb
7 January 2006 — Search for Rahotep in his tomb
21 October 2005 — Battle of Osiris, exploration of the Necropolis & entry into Rahotep's tomb
28 May 2005— Reconsecrating the Temple of Osiris (Converting Q to Set)
11 March 2005— Neutralising the Temple of Osiris
12 January 2005— Anubis and the Pylon of the Duat and into the Temple of Osiris
20 November 2004— Arrival in Khemit to investigating the Gorge of Osiris
18 September 2004— Greenskins attack Highpoint Wall, crossing the Crystalmist Mountains

Queen Of Lies Game Summaries
(don’t look if you have not played this module by Sword & Sorcery)

29 August 2004— Queen of Lies Battle of Ul Drakken and follow-up with Szeck
31 January 2004Queen of Lies - missing game summary?
7 January 2004 — Queen of Lies finishing the Fortress of Ul Drakken and near destruction of the party
22 November 2003Queen of Lies exploring the Fortress of Ul Drakken
4 October 2003 Queen of Lies approach to the fortress
20 September 2003 Queen of Lies introduction - Larze is abducted


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